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  • Remove Dashboard Scan widget

    The Dashboard Scan Widget is an overview of the Scan section. Thet outputs the basic results of the last Scan operation: If the Widget is required to not show, it can easily be disabled through the Screen Options, by unchecking it: To remove the Widget for everyone, a custom code can be used. This works […]

  • Change default cache folder

    When using the PostProcessing functionality, the module process each site’s CSS and JavaScript assets. This can take additional time, depending on the site type and its dependencies. To reduce the processing time on a new page load, the core is saving each chunk of data locally, within the data collection. The default location for the […]

  • Set-up the WP Hide PRO on Apache/Nginx Reverse Proxy

    This functionality is available for PRO version. Lately, the Reverse Proxy set-up type for an Apache / Nginx server type become a good alternative to standard set-up to achieve better performance and security:

  • How WP Hide PRO – Firewall protects your site

    This functionality is available for PRO version. WordPress is the most popular CMS system, powering over 37% of all websites—a remarkable achievement. There’s no doubt that WordPress is a unique framework, offering a robust and flexible core structure alongside an intuitive and user-friendly administrator dashboard. One of its most compelling features is its extensive library […]

  • Setup WP Hide on Plesk with Nginx

    This functionality is available for PRO version. Lately, Plesk became very popular in the industry, it has helped system administrators for over 10 years now. The latest Plesk Onyx is available for Windows and Linux and is designed to work unobtrusively and manage performance.

  • Disable the CSS / JavaScript Processing ( Combine / In Place ) for specific URLs

    The CSS and JavaScript processing modules is a powerful functionality which helps with SEO improvements and plugins/theme white-labeling. In some cases, the options are required to not trigger for specific URLs, this can be achieved using programable filters. The following code should be placed within a file in /wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder or a custom plugin. This […]

  • Setup the plugin on Bitnami WordPress LAMP stack

    This functionality is available for PRO version. The Bitnami WordPress Stack provides a simple one-click install solution for WordPress framework. Run your own WordPress server in the cloud never been easier, chose from best available hosting such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, VMware. At the moment they provide the best value per cost […]

  • Setup the plugin for Nginx

    This functionality is available for PRO version. Most of servers run a LAMP stack (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) which is very popular for being fast and easy to use. Any rewrite is done through the .htaccess file which is created within each site, in the domain root. The file is accessible from […]

  • Preserve specific text / html block within outputted code

    This functionality is available for PRO version. The WordPress WP Hide & Security Enhancer PRO achieve provided functionality through internal filters and rewrite code. This ensure a perfect compatibility is maintained across the site without requiring to change anything at the code level or to any of WordPress files/folders structure. Any updating functionality for wither […]

  • Preserve post content while using Replacements

    This functionality is available for PRO version. The Replacements feature is a powerful tool, it allows any of specific traces ( classes, IDs, JavaScript variables ) to be changed easily and make the code unrecognizable.

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