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Protect Site Content with User Interaction Features

As a site owner, protecting your valuable content from unauthorized copying and theft is paramount. WP Hide, a powerful WordPress plugin, offers a range of user interaction features designed to protect site content and enhance the security of your website. In this article, we will explore the user interaction capabilities of WP Hide and how they can effectively safeguard your site content from being exploited.

Disable Mouse Right Click

One common method employed by unauthorized users to copy website content is through the right-click function. By leveraging WP Hide’s feature to disable right mouse clicks, you can prevent visitors from easily accessing the context menu, thwarting attempts to copy your content without permission. This simple yet effective measure acts as a deterrent against content theft.

Disable Text Selection

To further protect your content, WP Hide allows you to disable text selection on your web pages. This feature prevents visitors from highlighting and copying text, making it challenging for potential plagiarizers to duplicate your content. By safeguarding your text, you can maintain the originality and integrity of your work.

Disable Copy/Paste

WP Hide’s option to disable the copy/paste functionality within the browser adds an extra layer of protection for your content. By restricting the ability to copy and paste text, you can prevent unauthorized users from easily duplicating your content, thereby preserving the exclusivity and integrity of your site.

Disable Print

Another way to safeguard your content is by disabling the browser’s print dialogue using WP Hide. By implementing this feature, you can prevent visitors from directly printing your web pages. This control over the print functionality allows you to regulate the distribution of your content and minimize the risk of unauthorized replication.

Disable Print Screen

The Print Screen function enables users to capture an image of the entire screen, including your website’s content. WP Hide’s ability to disable the Print Screen function ensures that sensitive information and copyrighted material cannot be easily captured and reproduced without consent. By blocking this functionality, you maintain control over the dissemination of your content.

Disable Browser Developer Tools

WP Hide empowers you to disable browser developer tools, which are often utilized by tech-savvy users to inspect and modify website code. By implementing this security measure, you protect your site’s content from unauthorized access, manipulation, or exploitation. Disabling browser developer tools adds an additional barrier against potential content theft or malicious modifications.

Disable View Source

The view source feature enables users to examine the HTML code of a webpage, potentially revealing underlying vulnerabilities or exposing proprietary information. With WP Hide’s option to disable view source, you can prevent unauthorized users from easily accessing and analyzing the source code of your site, bolstering its overall security.

Disable Drag/Drop

WP Hide allows you to disable the drag-and-drop functionality within your web pages. This feature ensures that unauthorized users cannot select and move content elements, such as images or text, thereby protecting your content’s layout, structure, and visual presentation. By safeguarding the intended placement of your content, you preserve its originality and user experience.


WP Hide’s user interaction features provide a robust defense mechanism for protecting your site’s valuable content. By disabling actions that facilitate content theft, such as right-clicking, text selection, copy/paste, printing, capturing screenshots, and manipulating content through drag/drop, you fortify your site’s security and maintain the integrity of your content. Additionally, disabling browser developer tools and view source adds an extra layer of protection against potential vulnerabilities and unauthorized access.

By incorporating these user interaction features into your site’s security strategy, you can confidently safeguard your content and ensure its exclusivity. Remember, adopting a multi-layered security approach, along with regular updates and best practices, remains crucial to maintaining the overall security of your WordPress site.

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