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  • Rewrite – Uploads

    The WordPress is not flexible at all when it come to media upload location. The default path is a standard format which appear like this, for any attachments (images, archives etc): <img class="alignnone size-full" src="" alt="" width="640" height="390" alt="" /> Viewing such a link, it’s pretty obliviously it’s a WordPress site, and the link points […]

  • Plugin Usage This Plugin provides many options to secure and hide your WordPress website. It is important to understand what each option does, so the results should be checked on front side to ensure no incompatibility / conflict is taking place. Be aware that not every option may be necessarily to be used as certain functionalities may not [...]
  • Admin – Change wp-admin

    Despite the flexibility of WordPress framework, there are few ways to configure the admin login url customization for making a bit safer against unauthorized access and brute force attempts. All methods are not provided out of the box through WordPress core but require custom code to make it happen. Completely hide default WordPress admin url […]

  • Admin – Change wp-login.php

    Using the WordPress as CMS to manage your website it turns into a magnet for all brute force attempts to login, from boots and hackers. On CODEX there’s a dedicated page for such topic Brute Force Attacks it’s a very sensible area of your website and should get the appropriate attention from everyone. There are […]

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