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  • General / JavaScript – JS Variables Replace

    This functionality is available for PRO version.   This module is deprecated and replaced by Html/Css/JS Replacements   Through this module, commonly used JavaScript variables/functions from WordPress, plugins and theme can be renamed to something else. Often hackers boots parse and render the html in attempt to find specific variables which are widely used on […]

  • Preserve specific text / html block within outputted code

    This functionality is available for PRO version. The WordPress WP Hide & Security Enhancer PRO achieve provided functionality through internal filters and rewrite code. This ensure a perfect compatibility is maintained across the site without requiring to change anything at the code level or to any of WordPress files/folders structure. Any updating functionality for wither […]

  • wp-hide/wp_redirect

    Name: wp-hide/wp_redirect Type: Filter Arguments: $location This is the filter through which a redirect url can be further updated. The filter occur after the default plugin replacements.

  • Replacing data within outputted HTML using DOMDocument and DOMXPath

    Plugin provide multiple options to control outputted HTML data, however giving the complexity of existing WordPress themes and plugins, sometimes certain area may not be covered. In such cases you can extend plugin functionality (see Create a custom Module Component, extending the plugin functionality), or through filters wph/ob_start_callback which would be the easiest way.

  • wp-hide/ob_start_callback

    Name: wp-hide/ob_start_callback Type: Filter Arguments: $buffer This is the filter through which the plugin allow changes to outputted HTML buffer.

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