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Security Scan – easily diagnose your site security problems and solutions

Security has become a major concern for everyone. People are more aware of the fact that their data is not perfectly safe and that they need to take precautions to protect their assets. The facts are clear and should be taken accordingly, over 30000 web sites are hacked every single day.

Unfortunately, in recent years the risk of being hacked has dramatically increased. There are nearly one hundred thousand potential breaches for a WordPress site, mainly caused by the many community plugins available through the repository. The majority has been found to contain critical bugs making a site easily exploitable.

There is a good sight for all of this. Most of the hacks succeed by exploiting basic security holes. A few simple fixes drastically reduce the risk of hacking by up to 90%. As always, prevention is better than cure. A few important changes on the actual site keep intruders outside and help you avoid being hacked.


What is a Security Scanner?

A security scanner will check your site for vulnerabilities. The security scanner will tell you if there are any problems with the code on your site, such as a lack of encryption or outdated software. It checks the active services and APIs for any known issues. It also reports any wrong configuration and erroneous setups.

You can use this tool to identify any potential critical vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers.

Why you should use a Security Scanner?

Many WordPress users don’t understand properly the security implications so they don’t take it seriously. That makes WordPress the perfect spot for cybercriminals, looking for easy targets to hack.

It’s very important for WordPress users to know about all the vulnerabilities discovered, and about all the fixes released for those security issues. Unfortunately, It is a daunting task to stay on top of the latest vulnerabilities and to know when they have been fixed. Not to mention that not everyone is tech-savvy, so it could be a real challenge work for most of the users.

That makes the Security Scanner the perfect tool. Operated by its internal algorithms and fingerprints database, a simple system scan reveals all up-to-date known problems that potentially affect the website.

Benefits of using the WP Hide Security Scan

The WP Hide Security Scanner combines a comprehensive list of internal codes and algorithms that covers much more than any other security scanner can do. The process is reliable, fast, and accurate, guided through an easy-to-understand interface. The results are delivered interactively using AJAX-ed calls. An overall statistic is enumerated through a graph with an estimated percentage of protection coverage.

Each security scanner item contains an explicit description of what it means and what it does. Upon the item scan completion, feedback is outputted with complete pieces of information on how to fix it. The majority are already covered by the WP Hide plugin itself, so a fix is at the click of a button. For anything else, external resources are suggested.

What type of Security aspects does the Scanner cover?

The Security Scanner covers 48 of the most common security breaches and potential issues. Such problems consist of more than 90% of total hacks. Fixing that ensures an incredible boost in overall website security.

The main scan coverage is for the followings areas:

  • Server environment
  • PHP setup and variables
  • Potentially dangerouse files
  • WordPres environment set-up
  • WordPress Core Security
  • WordPress Themes Security
  • WordPress Plugins Security
  • Firewall
  • Response Security Headers
  • Exhaustive WordPress Hide, with individual option appliance and front-end feedback
  • CSS and JavaScript with Replacements enclosure

Online security is an important topic for any business owner. However, it can be difficult to find the time to research and implement security measures. Thankfully, the current tool makes it easy to follow and implement. It helps you keep your site safe from malicious scripts and hackers, easily!

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