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Hide your Avada Theme, Avada Builder and Fusion core

The Avada is the best selling WordPress theme with over 600K sales since it’s been launched. The main reason for why is so appealing and everyone loves it, is because incredible easy to use and provides outstanding demo templates which can be used as starting point.

Why white label outputted HTML code source when using Avada theme, builder and Fusion?

The Avada is widely used on many websites, making it the best target for any hacker ! Finding a vulnerability in the code grants an attacker the possibility to hack and compromise all sites using this specific code. Hence it’s very important to hide that your site using Avada and any other applications/plugins.

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How WP Hide PRO – Firewall protects your site

This functionality is available for PRO version.

WordPress is the most popular CMS system, being used on over 37% of total sites, which is an astonishing achievement. There’s no doubt, WordPress is a unique framework, is a good and flexible core skeleton, a nice and easy to follow administrator dashboard interface. Not at least it provides a large base of free plugins and themes which conclude to incredible extensibility at the distance of a few mouse clicks.

But All that popularity comes with a huge price, all hackers are very active in finding security breaches in WordPress sites, as opening an exploit it reveal the vulnerability for all other sites using similar applications.
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Setup WP Hide on LiteSpeed

LiteSpeed Web Server is one of the best high-performance and high-scalability webserver type. Being used on near 3% of total websites is the 4th as popularity worldwide. LiteSpeed Web Server can be used to replace an existing Apache system, without changing other applications or operating system details.

With its comprehensive range of features and easy web administration graphical console, LiteSpeed Web Server can help you deliver the best performances out of existing hosting solution. There are 3 editions of LiteSpeed:

  • OpenLiteSpeed
  • Standard
  • Enterprise

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Setup the plugin for Nginx

This functionality is available for PRO version.

Most of servers run a LAMP stack (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) which is very popular for being fast and easy to use. Any rewrite is done through the .htaccess file which is created within each site, in the domain root. The file is accessible from php, which imply WordPress and WP Hide plugin. When changing any options through plugin interface, the required rewrite data to re-map urls, is deployed automatically, the process does not require the user intervention. Continue reading

How to easily Hide Elementor Page Builder

WordPress Elementor plugin is a very popular drag-and-drop visual page builder, currently, the most used application of its kind. Using Elementor, guarantee to achieve impressive layouts, without any experience with programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP etc. Hide Elementor is an essential achievement for any site, to ensure excellent security protection.

Why hide Elementor page builder?

Since used on so many sites, Elementor is a good target for hackers. Finding a breach into a plugin version, provides to the attacker the possibility to easily compromise all sites using the same code. Continue reading

Keep Your WordPress Website Safe from Hackers

WordPress Security is a vital concern for any site owner. We talk frequently about security, among other things, in warnings about themes and plugins and how to protect our sites from attacks. But security is quite from a simple point of view, and the steps you take to protect your assets have no bounds.

Have you sometimes walked out of your office, carelessly leaving your door open? Maybe more than once, right? This is natural, we are not often worried about managing potential jeopardizes until it goes out of hand. This is also very much applicable to your WordPress website. Continue reading

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