Html/Css/JS Replacements

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This functionality is available for PRO version.

The module implements a post-processing engine, which allows arbitrary words to be replaced with custom ones. This works for all site data as HTML, Css, JavaScript assets. The visual interface is self-explanatory, consists of a Replaced Word and a Replacement Word. This is easy to understand for non-technical persons and does not require any code modifications or debug knowledge.

This is a great way to white-label any plugins or active code on a site, by replacing the specific words (classes, tags, JavaScript variables etc), examples can be found at How to white label Elementor also Hide your Avada Theme, Avada Builder and Fusion core this makes the plugins totally unrecognizable for anonymous users.

For Cascading Style Sheet and JavaScript assets, the processed data is being cached into static files and used on next calls to speed up the site loading. This also increases the overall PageSpeed and YSlow Score which goes to better positioning on search engine rank.

This module also works great with any cache plugins to provide a robust page loading speed.

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