Disable the CSS / JavaScript Processing ( Combine / In Place ) for specific URLs

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The CSS and JavaScript processing modules is a powerful functionality which helps with SEO improvements and plugins/theme white-labeling. In some cases, the options are required to not trigger for specific URLs, this can be achieved using programable filters.

The following code should be placed within a file in /wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder or a custom plugin. This disable the functionality on a URL which include ‘/sample-page/’ slug.

    add_filter('wph/components/js_combine_code' ,'custom_wph_components_disable_combine');
    add_filter('wph/components/css_combine_code' , 'custom_wph_components_disable_combine');
    function custom_wph_components_disable_combine( $status )
            $current_url    =   'http' . (isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) ? 's' : '') . "://$_SERVER[HTTP_HOST]$_SERVER[REQUEST_URI]";
            if ( stripos( $current_url, '/sample-page/') !==    FALSE )
                $status =   FALSE;
            return $status;   

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