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Name: wp-hide/interface/process
Type: Filter
Arguments: $errors, $settings, $module_settings
Returns: (array) $errors

This filter trigger when plugin admin interface is being processed. It can be used to ensure specific options are matching the requirements.

The following example checks if there’s a Theme Path in case the Child Theme Path has been filled in. If not it trigger a notice.

        add_filter('wp-hide/interface/process', 'interface_process', 10, 3);
    function interface_process( $errors, $settings, $module_settings )
            global $process_interface_save_errors;
            //when using the 'Child - New Theme Path' trigger a warning tha the 'New Theme Path' should be changed to, to avoid relative paths issues within child styles
            if($settings['new_theme_path']    ==  ''  &&  $settings['new_theme_child_path'] !=  '')
                    $process_interface_save_errors[]    =   array(  'type'      =>  'warning',
                                                                    'message'   =>  __('When changing the Child Theme Path it is recommended to also change the Main Theme Path to avoid relative paths issues within style files and layout break.', 'wp-hide-security-enhancer')
            return $errors;    
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