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Within a WordPress install the Plugins are usually located within -domain-name-/wp-content/plugins This functionality provide an easy way to virtually change the path to something else.


New Plugins Path

Use any alphanumeric symbols for this field which will be used as the new slug for the plugins folder. Presuming an apps slug is being used, all plugins urls become to something like this:


Block plugins URL

Old url’s structure are still being available. To blow those and allow only the new links, this options need to be set as Yes.

New Paths for individual plugins

Any active plugins on the site can be mapped to use a different slug. For example WooCommerce use something like this:


or in case New Plugins Path is active


Filling in such individual plugin path will modify the urls to new slug. For example, using woo-app the updated link become


Any files within the plugin will use the above url

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