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The WordPress REST API is an easy-to-use set of HTTP endpoints which allows access a site data in simple JSON format. That including users, posts, taxonomies and more. Retrieving or updating is as simple as sending a HTTP request.

A REST API can be consumed everywhere. On mobile applications, on front-end (web apps) or any other devices that have access on the net, practically everything can connect from anywhere to your site and interact though JSON REST API service.

Disable JSON REST V1 service

V1 was the first development version of API, which currently is deprecated. To disable the usage of it, simply chose Yes.

Disable JSON REST V2 service

V2 is the current development version of API, which is included into WordPress as default. To disable the usage of it, simply chose Yes.

Block any JSON REST calls

If active, any calls for the JSON REST API is being blocked, like there’s no such service available.

Disable output the REST API link tag into page header

As default the API url is being append into the front html head tag. Using this option, it will be replaced.

Disable JSON REST WP RSD endpoint from XML-RPC responses

Disable any RSD endpoint from a XML-RPC response.


This functionality is available for PRO version.

A new rest prefix can be implemented, this will replace the default /wp-json


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