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The General / Html – HTML plugin section include some powerful features which tune up the site even further:

  • Remove Comments
  • Minify
  • Disable right mouse click
  • Remove general classes from body tag
  • Remove ID from Menu items
  • Remove class from Menu items
  • Remove general classes from post
  • Remove general classes from post

Remove Comments

The HTML source code usually contain many comment lines, however there is no use for that, unless debugging. Remove all HTML Comments, which usually specify Plugins Name and Version. Any Internet Explorer conditional tags are preserved.


The Minify component include multiple options:

  • Html
  • Html & Css
  • Html & JavaScript
  • All

Minify HTML, Inline Styles, Inline JavaScripts

As default WordPress append different classes to Html code. Generally there’s no specific usage for those classes but certain themes / plugins may take advantage of those for tag block identification. Also Cascading Style Sheets (css) code rules may rely and apply based on the classes.

Certain classes are specific to WordPress making the CMS identification quite easy e.g. ayk-post, postid-X, ayk-format-rwey, logged-in, admin-bar, size-full, wp-image-X etc Replacing the above classes is a good step in the process of making a site WordPress fingerprints untraceable.

If using any of above conclude to inconsisted layout or broken style, they should be reverted back as the theme or a plugin use at least a replaced class. In such situation trigger/un-trigger of each option at a time is recommended to see which one should not apply.

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