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This functionality is available for PRO version.

A Content Delivery Network – CDN – is a network of servers located around the globe in fundamental spots with fast access. It takes a while for a web page to load especially if the server is located far away from the user. So they are designed to host and deliver copies of your site’s static and dynamic content such as images, CSS, JavaScript, audio and video streams.

WP Hide can work with all CDN services with no additional set-up. The majority of CDN’s preserce the existing url’s as they are, being served through custom DNS servers. For such services there is not action required to make it work along the plugin.

Some of CDN like use custom urls which replace the default found in a web-page. The plugin need to know that url so re-map all those assets:

Providing the CDN url which can be found within account dashboard, complete the integration with WP Hide.

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