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Keep Your WordPress Website Safe from Hackers

WordPress Security is a vital concern for any site owner. We talk frequently about security, among other things, in warnings about themes and plugins and how to protect our sites from attacks. But security is quite from a simple point of view, and the steps you take to protect your assets have no bounds.

Have you sometimes walked out of your office, carelessly leaving your door open? Maybe more than once, right? This is natural, we are not often worried about managing potential jeopardizes until it goes out of hand. This is also very much applicable to your WordPress website.

The vast majority tend not to take the security of their website seriously until one day when it breaks. Then you start to worry about restoring, trying to get back your full access and control. But, you could have avoided such problems with a little planning and some prevention and safety tips. In this article, we will be telling you about the most important security aspects to consider for WordPress sites and the steps you can take to drop your vulnerabilities.

While a website hack can cause headaches for a casual blogger, it can leave a lasting negative impact on a big organization. If you handle any type of private or confidential information on behalf of a customer, breaching security rules can be devastating to you and your customers.


Before discussing particular preventive measures, it is important to understand the two types of attacks that occur on WordPress sites:

Targeted and Non-Targeted Attacks


The first type of attack we will tell you about is not personal; this means that the attack was not specifically for your website. This is what you call automated attacks that are not segmented, looking for a way to exploit a recognized weakness in websites. Many hackers are logically indolent (or smart based on your perspective). For example, they simply use automated tools that can check a wide variety of IP addresses like all sites on a given shared hosting server.

Such attack type are the most common, consist of 99% of total hack attempts. Protecting against those is generally the bet way to avoid security problems. After they examine a set of IP addresses, the tools they use searches for a specific version or WordPress or a plug-in that indicates a potentially gullible vulnerability. WP-Hide hides every detail of WordPress on your website, making it difficult for hackers to check and examine your site assets. Thereby, keeps you safe from non-targeted attacks.

Targeted Attacks

A targeted attack occurs when a hacker makes a sentient choice of targeting your website. This mostly happens when your website is quite popular, or contains information that they require. You might possibly not even know why an attack is targeted to your website. The important thing is that you have to find a way to containing the attack, reduce the damage, and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Your efforts to prevent a targeted attack from happening can be limited. Nonetheless, what you can do is improve your website security to make it hard for a hacker to attack your WordPress website. WP-hide plug in and its features helps you ensure that, to limit sensitive information to the hacker, like code version, plugin tags etc!


One of the best way you can keep your WordPress website safe is to hide your WordPress fingerprints using WP Hide. This is an easy way of hiding your WordPress from being visible through the code. This is a great safety tip for every WordPress website. While hackers attack websites with web scanners, the WP-Hide will keep all your WordPress trace on your website hidden. Hence, your website stays safe! Furthermore, this plugin does not have any negative effect on your SEO, and it offers a clean way of getting rid of all WordPress fingerprints like themes and plugins.

Some WordPress Security Aspects and How WP-Hide Keeps you safe

Brute force attacks

This is the use of the trial and error method of entering multiple usernames and passwords time and time again until the right combination is successfully achieved. The brute force attack method exploits your login screen to gain access to your website. To counter this, WP-Hide hides your website login address, making the brute-force attempts impossible, since there’s no place for the hacker to submit the data.

SQL injections

Your WordPress website makes use of MYSQL database to function. SQL injections happen when a hacker can access your WordPress database and all your website data. It can also be used to put in a new set of data into your database which includes links to spam or malicious websites. The SQL Injection breaches, usually are found within plugins and themes with wrong implementation of code standards.  The WP Hide plugin keeps your site plugins and theme hidden, so i hacker don’t really know if your site actually include the vulnerable code, so it will not attempt to hack in.

File inclusion exploits

File inclusion exploits happen when vulnerable code is used to load remote files that allow attackers to gain access to your website. it is one of the most common ways an hacker can gain access to your WordPress website’s wp-config.php file, which is one of the most important files in your WordPress installation. WP-Hide Block direct access to any of WordPress root files as license.txt, wp-load.php, wp-settings.php. Individual file access/ restrict is available.


Malware (malicious software) is a code that is used to gain unauthorized access to a website to obtain sensitive data. A hacked WordPress site usually means malware has been injected into website’s files. WP-Hide not only allows changing default urls of your WordPress, but it hide/block defaults! Many similar code, just change the slugs, but the default are still accessible. The plugin protects your WordPress site against all malware and hackers attacks.

Cross-Site scripting XSS

XSS Cross-Site scripting vulnerabilities are the most used vulnerabilities found in WordPress plugins, this is a very complex security breach that can reify in many forms . So is quite hard to address this potential problem directly. The easiest is to prevent a hacker to know that you are using vulnerable code, WP Hide will hide everything about it.

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