WP-Hide PRO – Changelog


Release Date – 2024-06-04
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 22a13402590fb59b7dd6334b9befdd7655c24cc6

  • Return true when Short-circuits updating metadata for reverting the urls.


Release Date – 2024-05-28
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ba4d65fa58866de38916427211fe97cccdc2775f

  • New feature: Custom logo for the Login page.
  • Fix: Check if the current option data chunk is a serialized, before URLs reversal, to avoid breaking the structure.


Release Date – 2024-05-20
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2907e256c5bac2ef18b18a1200925c68c6b2b67f

  • Updates for compatibility file on Bricks.
  • Add content as reserved system to avoid conflicts with other slugs.
  • Use passed by reference method for array_replacements_recursivelly


Release Date – 2024-04-22
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c64e5ef8938cabffeb50507df489fd1bcac35d0e

  • Ensure the API version check is higher than the current core, to avoid reporting Update Available when license key not set yet.
  • Improve the option “Save the Nginx Rewrites to a wphide-nginx.conf and wphide-firewall-nginx.conf files, inside the site root ( Nginx ).” to create separate files with the appropiate rewrites for the nginx.conf and the firewall-nginx.conf.
  • Fix: Use END instead L flag for the customized uploads path to avoid nginx rewrite engine to continue execution on the path.


Release Date – 2024-04-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 5d4d7b41b5b21c63bae386596413e86fe6bdf0b8

  • Add end forward-slash for customized individual plugins, to avoid replacing wrong ( partially ) urls.
  • Remove the ignore for _wp_http_referer restore on the superglobal vars as producing issues with certain plugins.
  • Compatibility updates for WPForms Lite
  • Compatibility updates for Bricks builder
  • Fix: Check if $post_content is not empty before process in WooCommerce compatibility file.


Release Date – 2024-04-05
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ddf8ff0e2a977573d27fb760037402421e737d48

  • Listivo compatibility file updates


Release Date – 2024-04-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2274c21a57b506ec7ba419380535c381183cb44e

  • Compatibility updates for WPML
  • Compatibility with Listivo Theme

Release Date – 2024-03-19
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3b7555e39259bec2f10815c26a83af1bf2d945e1

  • Ensure to update the firewall wphide-firewall-nginx.conf file if empty options ( regenerate as empty file ).
  • Add new filter for rest_url_prefix to return the new json path.
  • Fix: undefined $global_settings


Release Date – 2024-03-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6e5d12c9007c529c773f5ab05042793e4ceefbe9

  • Implements an ReInit algorithm to re-create the replacements on options changes.
  • Implements the 7G Firewall rewrites for Nginx
  • New rewrite block within the Setup for the Firewall rules.
  • Check if the required PHP DOOMDocumment is available, when using the PostProcessing.
  • Replace the home_url with site_url, where appropriate, to ensure it use the correct url when using custom folder structure or / and WordPress own directory, WPML etc.
  • Fix: Undefined variable in Referrer-Policy header.
  • Fix: WooCommerce new Cart / Checkout Blocks when using the Replacements with ‘qxshop’.
  • Fix: Type in variable on Perfmatters compatibility file.

Release Date – 2024-03-07
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – b5118c1eae5608868fc6d5899fc9dc75970953ba

  • Fixes and improvement for the new rewrite system
  • Fix the rewrites for Referrer-Policy header on Nginx


Release Date – 2024-03-05
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c27f68da400cd86f1b9328fe3aac5b429f19ee8b

  • Rebuild the Rewrite engine generator for Apache, IIS, Nginx etc for better compatibility and interoperability with other codes.
  • Update the Breeze compatibility file to use the new filter breeze_cache_buffer_before_processing.
  • Update the WPML compatibility file.
  • Rewrites re-structure to match all types of WordPres set-ups ( e.g. default root install, sub-directory install, folder with sub-directory install, multisite with subdomain / subdirectory / TLDs etc )
  • Return and output the rewrite test check return on Nginx system.
  • Check if the response for Security Headers Check is a redirect ( 302 ) type, to avoid triggering an error.


Release Date – 2024-02-27
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3f0b6cfc90fac6bf776a25624f022a8ba6071c3d

  • Ensure the custom WP_CONTENT_DIR is used correctly across the files.


Release Date – 2024-02-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a5fe9bcdf36956330ad4928c9df950c9964529e3

  • Compatibility for Dokan update; check if is set $current_page_slug_parts[0]


Release Date – 2024-02-05
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a7f0d033851fbb13e21e639513eae2c009c22eea

  • Fix: Asset_PostProcessing CSS -> run css_recipient_process when ‘in-place-encode-inline’ selection too.


Release Date – 2024-01-24
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 678f46fc24dbab3cbeccea0926ed19413538655f

  • Compatibility update for Dokan


Release Date – 2024-01-23
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0a1eac5f0a71d1c539599e38b24f28f985dcf458

  • Compatibility fix and check for ClassicPress


Release Date – 2024-01-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c4c0d477c1ea7dfbbff2771c3e0784db0b31b406

  • New option for Nginx “Save the Nginx Rewrites to a wphide-nginx.conf file inside the site root” https://wp-hide.com/include-the-wphide-nginx-conf-containing-custom-rewrites-to-your-server-configuration/
  • Improved help with the steps to deploy on Nginx systems.


Release Date – 2024-01-08
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c98280077eb4849a6e8c152f71aac287def8a36f

  • New filter wph/components/rewrite-default/html_replacements https://wp-hide.com/documentation/wph-components-rewrite-default-html_replacements/
  • EventON – Action User – compatibility file


Release Date – 2024-01-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2b9a6cbc9bbc01f93423e958a6eade53adf38adc

  • “Clean the REST API response” allow Jetpack app to retrieve available methods.
  • Fix: Identify as inline JS when empty script tag when using JavaScript PostProcessing.


Release Date – 2023-12-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – b8fcd766bb8a5c1a5fc01b79064266cb513d5504

  • Dokan compatibility file; disable specific features for the vendor dashboard


Release Date – 2023-12-11
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 019261ca1b8567ff9525168558e9bb3c630d51d6

  • Avoid checking the update if the server API is busy or return error.
  • Compatibility update for Oxigen Builder


Release Date – 2023-11-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 18a988498b6b8275f61075f091628ca474ac17dc

  • New filter “wp-hide/interface/process/minimum_slug_length” for adjusting the minimum required length for the custom slugs.
  • Plugin Updater slight changes.
  • Add an end slug to the custom admin URL rewrite, for exact match.


Release Date – 2023-11-23
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a76bc38f4f0e28ef026b267f41ee76befe111cb0

  • Compatibility with Redirection plugin; show the default redirect URLs within the interfaces.


Release Date – 2023-11-20
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d07379a0a1458b479c0e43d1bdbdcb020e699215

  • Allow saving custom login URL without php extension.
  • UI Core compatibility when importing a template and use a replacement for bdt
  • Add LiteCache purge into core site_cache_clear
  • Fix: Scan for XML RPC when disabling the service


Release Date – 2023-11-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6512f78c6b6b64752360efaf3cd1d45953edd678

  • New feature – Disable XML-RPC service: When the XML-RPC service is deactivated, any calls to it result in the server returning a default 404 Not Found error page.
  • Documentation update for the XML-RPC to avoid confusion regarding the disable_xml_rpc_auth
  • Nginx rewrites adjustments for block_default_wp_register_php


Release Date – 2023-10-30
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c6c1a6391483251f079b126faf606c877907d514

  • Fix Undefined array key “file” warning.


Release Date – 2023-10-27
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 9447f9a2fd53597852138470776a3d39f4ecb449

  • Use init action, to send the customized login e-mail, to avoid sending multiple time on certain servers environment.
  • Add a filter for site_url to apply the login customization when the scheme is ‘login’ or ‘login_post’
  • Prevent ajax-admin.php to be used anywhere in the options to avoid conflicting.
  • Typos fixes
  • Code clean-up


Release Date – 2023-10-20
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 37c1971ff3546ccef9e6bd8cbb171837006df0b5

  • Adjust the login form width, when using the Google Captcha or Cloudflare Turnstile Captcha
  • Use schedule_single_event to deliver the e-mail when changing the default login URL, to avoid sending multiple times.
  • Use debug_backtrace to avoid looping, in conjunction with certain plugins, for login_url filter.


Release Date – 2023-10-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 8f68901b93e979b64afc53980f956270af009d03

  • Fix reset options form and submit buttons.


Release Date – 2023-10-11
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d15919fa828787a886e5eb7a3ff38f028bdf28f6

  • New feature Captcha
  • New Captcha – Google Captcha V2
  • New Captcha – Google Captcha V3
  • New Captcha – CloudFlare Turnstile
  • Test for PHP 8.2.4
  • WordPress 6.3.1 compatibility check and tag


Release Date – 2023-10-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 86606fa203482a78c52a5ec0d4c02fcfbc173d27

  • Add the replacements for the login redirect to ensure it apply the correct user redirect URL .
  • Reverse the replacements for $_FILES super global variable too.


Release Date – 2023-10-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ad39f3334c7b6c96d4d3e6f403de50206a127915

  • Add filter for “Kreativo Pro Speed Optimization” when using the PostProcessing, to process the data-kplinkhref assets


Release Date – 2023-09-21
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a1f455dc62505a57083979252a0d59faae986bdb

  • Clear all caches on plugin update, to ensure any changes CSS/JavaScript reflects on the front side.


Release Date – 2023-09-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 7a34bc8e502e4a7c76543499bb7f4e47d2bd52f5

  • Ignore the tmpl- format id’s for scripts when using the “Remove ID from script tag” option


Release Date – 2023-09-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a182eb3d8a67dd25ef2001b46e0228d9a472c3dd

  • Compatibility updates for WP Rocket when using lazy loading scripts.


Release Date – 2023-08-30
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 9db4a509767efad4f3c1a015f7295458b17250b8

  • Compatibility update with Brics
  • Ignore relative URLs conversion when using #


Release Date – 2023-08-21
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c97a88a876582847b7d0cc63fdddb341de6f5186

  • Compatibility updates for WPBakery Page Builder / JS Composer


Release Date – 2023-07-20
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 579d7e1f63a8e49841821b1b876d5340a826f870

  • Text description typos fixes


Release Date – 2023-07-19
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 367e3636fbb2d5c37b11317bfc9c285fe2c81139

  • Fix: Headers protection graph.


Release Date – 2023-07-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – b4d6f1fdd77e30409e9d9ad2a781aa852e9bd75f

  • New module – WP Die – customize the default WordPress error page.
  • TranslatePress – Multilingual – Compatibility file updates
  • Use transient for domain_get_ip to avoid delays on certain environment.


Release Date – 2023-07-01
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – f9897c8965ea19713036a950d9beb01e64fde8fd

  • When add elementor as Replacement word, automatically activate the module “Document Loaded Assets PostProcessing”
  • Some modules text descriptions improvements.
  • FlyingPress compatibility updates.


Release Date – 2023-06-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6026a49a5324d7047022c83924f6593a66300dda

  • FlyingPress plugin compatibility update for processing the CSS original-href attributed resources.
  • Reduce the timeout for plugin update check.
  • Improve the API response time, by use random transient expire interval for plugin updates, to avoid stack multiple calls at the same time on the API server.
  • qTranslate-XT compatibility improvements.


Release Date – 2023-06-06
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – df9bfed2b75f7d66afc4ec698d56ca2b2e90182e

  • Avoid looping when customizing the admin url, in conjunction with qTranslate-XT plugin


Release Date – 2023-06-06
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a5831b24e5da0e4908d60ce3b8f2349c20823f0a

  • Compatibility with FlyingPress
  • Filter update wp-hide/module/js_postprocessing/placeholders_process/validate_tag_as_javascript


Release Date – 2023-05-23
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 14fd2ce0864afb9714d771591b9f88640babdf9b

  • New filter wph/components/js_combine_code/js_content_block/recipient_processed to interact with the post-processed JS code, after recipient processed.
  • Require php extension for customized AJAX url, to avoid issues on certain server environments.


Release Date – 2023-05-15
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 531219ae7ae92420ea0789dcf1675200e42defad

  • JavaScript PostProcessing Comments remove compatibility improvements.
  • Add forward-slash for replacements when checking for argument reversal


Release Date – 2023-05-11
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2a452a41bd604bcfb537491b27d8e76055bc03b6

  • Create Hash for the rewrite lines for later comparison, to ensure not require ( unless necessarily ) rewrite deployment on the server side, on plugin options change.
  • Code cleanup


Release Date – 2023-05-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2f8030b50620b82e52a05de4161e484ec73ea83f

  • Fix: False positive report, check if registration slug is customized, before if registration is open.


Release Date – 2023-05-05
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1b8f85f2f2613ab6ab0c86792eac533e67ea5177

  • WCFM – WooCommerce Frontend Manager compatibility file updates


Release Date – 2023-04-24
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 83517de2adef5c2cc6d8422b92dedc8485c23368

  • French translation


Release Date – 2023-04-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 02489f0eb03150091f860bb523887ffab607f559

  • Compatibility update for WP-Optimize, when using PostProcessing. Fix the ajax actions.


Release Date – 2023-04-07
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 23cc1e7beeaad925bcd9008004a7fcfe7eac934e

  • Removed deprecated Expect-CT security header.


Release Date – 2023-03-28
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 53b2b5b5565cd5475e5c05d0ffd2150d86e62074

  • Improved Scan Replacements component, use regex for better report accuracy.
  • Allow regex patterns within Document Loaded Assets Postprocessing interface
  • Compatibility with AccelerateWP


Release Date – 2023-03-22
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ea1e58e72ffa97d74e88374b765bac513ba906e4

  • Document Loaded Assets PostProcessing – allow escape ( backslash ), ? char and parenthesis as regex pattern
  • Do not unslash the regex pattern when output the Document Loaded Assets PostProcessing value


Release Date – 2023-03-21
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3008fdd2f46a86f1da1edf28b7a03a85a83c811d

  • Fix: Block JSON for non logged in users.


Release Date – 2023-03-15
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 9453ff4002539f84aa3a82b2d019f45dfd9a7887

  • Breeze cache compatibility update


Release Date – 2023-03-15
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 77377c7e173e34f603117d5998fcb99fd9997156

  • Add ignore support for specific files and actions for Document Loaded Assets PostProcessing
  • asset-postprocessing module updates
  • SiteGround CachePress plugin compatibility update
  • Elementor editor update to avoid JS errors when PostProcessing and replacements.


Release Date – 2023-03-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – dd757f71b217fdd03cbebef2401e8b1b50573aad

  • Clear SG Cache ( SiteGround Cache ), if active, when clearing the internal plugin caches.
  • Ignore the Developer Tools blocking, when page preview
  • Compatibility fix with Accelerated Mobile Pages when using the Replacements and PostProcessing.
  • Compatibility fix with CookieYes | GDPR Cookie Consent when using the Style ID removal.


Release Date – 2023-03-01
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – bc1c2f75fc82361757baab2e49f2c49acc3ce3fb

  • Ignore HTML Minify when using live Fusion Builder


Release Date – 2023-02-21
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e809eef6c7a10c08a719a8304b2b0edc323237d0

  • Improvement: When using the Disable Developer Tools option, check if iPhone device and disable, through JavaScript instead PHP, to avoid caching.
  • Add Breeze cache clear on site_cache_clear action


Release Date – 2023-02-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d587707d93d5dcfee616199761efb141bda6e42f

  • Fix: When Scan inspect the JSON service, check if the service is disabled or the default URL has been customized, before returning as valid or invalid.
  • Fix: Scan Admin URL fix button goes to the wrong section.
  • Prepare the compatibility file for Breeze


Release Date – 2023-02-06
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – fb00d64dc7b1b03baa75f6f162dac5437678d530

  • New Security Headers component – Referrer-Policy


Release Date – 2023-01-25
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – f66f2c4c7947525e4fc8de967843a228e15db829

  • Disable the User Interaction features for specific roles.


Release Date – 2023-01-25
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 9e4bb20228cae61c36f92017e902a1874a822a12

  • Compatibility with TownHub Add-Ons plugin


Release Date – 2023-01-20
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 45f6d57c4d4039aaf50f023a730a142b67ea5d24

  • Salient JS Composer ( WP Bakery Page Builder ) compatibility update.


Release Date – 2023-01-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6626d2f37ac5de6c64c9138091fc0ebfa6bc34a3

  • Allow spaced within Content Security Policy values, for multiple ( space separated e.g. domains ) data.
  • Ignore CSS and JavaScript PostProcessing for JSON and Serialize responses.
  • Fix: Wrap the nonce’s / hashes for Content Security Policy header, into single quotes to avoid rendering issue for specific browsers.


Release Date – 2023-01-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0eb1c4642638590c63963f60321c1d3b7f131b9c

  • New Nonce / Hash field for Content-Security-Policy and Content-Security-Policy-Report headers.
  • Fix: Retrieve the customization for current theme / child theme on the Scan, to ensure correct results.


Release Date – 2023-01-04
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – f41cf8b9b6b2a6f1cfa8248ddcc8651f3f5f9692

  • Fix: Scan disable redirects when testing firewall, to ensure correct results


Release Date – 2023-01-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0051a28a53d6d3ce3ccda9d73358068c6042516d

  • Change the %WPH-PLACEHOLDER-PRESERVE placeholder to %W-P-H-PLACEHOLDER-PRESERVE to avoid issues when replacing WP
  • Allow spaced within the text replacements for an accurate match.


Release Date – 2022-12-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 09f95d8f71f645d00877e21f675a5e857bbe37e3

  • Include licensing expiration data for plugin dashboard, if apply.


Release Date – 2022-12-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 668de18f5831e81e5bec6ec88cf9323d53c43827

  • Fix count() error for not countable variable.
  • Description texts typos fix.


Release Date – 2022-12-08
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6e5d4c5bc4d2ae62c5175374ffe28d3ba708f8ff

  • Implements the Permissions Policy header which replaced the deprecated Feature Policy.
  • Add headers for the MU wp-hide-loader module.
  • Fix: avoid stripping off the forward slash on certain headers


Release Date – 2022-12-07
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ac8b68555f6a90fdcce5cd3cb0cb7138a66faade

  • Fix: Divided by zero when calculating the overall scan progress
  • Fix: Security Scan items Fix button urls
  • Fix: Wrong remote_html variable


Release Date – 2022-11-28
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a08e19940ddc942cdad4513de1a3d6643d54f163

  • Fix: Send recovery link to Super Admin e-mail instead main site.
  • Fix: Static functions for Cache Enabler compatibility file.


Release Date – 2022-11-24
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – cf71bf8551f724015a65efbd00b82bb100d51640

  • Fixed JSON rest_route block, when using the “Non logged-in” selection


Release Date – 2022-11-22
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 7a939a6b0146af93654547a33c181af3c5bbf300

  • Check if HTTP_USER_AGENT environment variable is set before compare


Release Date – 2022-11-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d24bb2aab7bd4ed4571739f52dd78a865151fd3a

  • Improved page Print disable.
  • Fix: Security Scan items progress
  • Fix: Security Scan PostProcessing check
  • Fix: Security Scan PHP 8 variable is countable notice


Release Date – 2022-11-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 75706204011cbeb20830e85bc5befa6bfe7a6785

  • Security Scan Dashboard Widget
  • Security Scan interface progress approach to avoid output buffering issue.


Release Date – 2022-11-14
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a017fd51933ff8eb9e2e6afc7e917913600726d1

  • JS Composer fix, when in-line edit and loading through AJAX an item using yebget_ action
  • Small code and layout improvements


Release Date – 2022-11-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – b7844dd72258166b4dc644c9e6b3140f9be6169f

  • New functionality Overview – Security Scan
  • Security Scan functions: WordPress Version, WordPress Version Stability, PHP Version, MySQL Version, WP Debug, Database Debug, User using Admin or Administrator, Outdated Themes, Outdated Plugins, Old Plugins, Theme/Plugin File Editor, Firewall, Dangerous Files, PHP display_errors, PHP register_globals, PHP safe_mode, PHP allow_url_include, PHP expose, Database Prefix, Authentication Unique Keys and Salts, HTTP Response Security Headers, New Theme Path, New Theme Style File Path, Hide default /wp-content/ , Hide default /wp-includes/, New Plugins Path, New wp-comments-post.php, XML-RPC, JSON REST, Clean the REST API response, User Registration, Block license.txt, Block readme.html, Change WordPress TagLine, Remove WordPress Generator Meta, Remove Other Generator Meta, Remove wlwmanifest Meta, Emulate CMS, Process robots.txt, Remove Link Header, Remove Environment Headers, Remove Comments, New wp-login.php, New Admin Url, New run-ajax.php, Post-Processing, Replacements.
  • Output all rewrite headers ( set and unset ) within the same block
  • Ignore the Developer Tools option on iphone, to avoid redirect issue.
  • Avoid outputting “document.addEventListener” block, unless an option using it is active.
  • Replace spaces with %20 for plugins, when customize the slugs.
  • Minor code improvements

Release Date – 2022-11-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – dc6c5fab75f255081c0c7081b464a4de176f3c9e

  • Attempt to unserialize the post meta value before reverse the urls.
  • Allow all scripts with no type attribute, for post-processed.
  • Fix the custom cache folder for CSS and JavaScript PostProcessing modules.
  • Compatibility file with BunnyCDN: Automatically add the custom URLs to the allowed directories.
  • Compatibility file update for WP Meteor.


Release Date – 2022-11-01
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 18f3ebcce607d4d2e11f1cebf43e57e5b6d7e58a

  • Process the JCH HTTP2 Preloads headers


Release Date – 2022-10-31
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 5646fe8050e7bcf16942d6f5c469fb82ec8ee5a6

  • Check if the option is serialized before reverting the URLs within.


Release Date – 2022-10-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1770da5cd62c60027fa4f727077f1f9b71c40f1c

  • Support the default /cache/wph/ folder location customization through the WPH_CACHE_FOLDER constant
  • Improved Disable Developer Tools feature, by returning an empty page.
  • Text typo fixes.


Release Date – 2022-10-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0a2102e899deabe58f8c2c9dc6a644141650914f

  • Ignore the replacements on Avada options save
  • Fix undefined key when using the emulator options


Release Date – 2022-10-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 706cd51a8605198bfcbeec5b7d985263678a6c61

  • Compatibility with JCH Optimize plugin


Release Date – 2022-10-06
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 148b31d4353c448c5ed06185a39acfb89de702f1

  • Fixed the JavaScript tags with no type paramether
  • Fixed the captcha for fusion builder when replace the fusion fingerprint
  • Fixed static function within a2 optimisez compatibility file


Release Date – 2022-10-06
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 954ad910967b3cfd038b43f44884055814312d35

  • W3 Total Cache – implements support for Push CDN and custom folders


Release Date – 2022-09-28
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 90c2320b69c29ab6cb3e815578cf3e488006fe16

  • New options interface – User Interactions: Disable Mouse right click, Disable Text Selection, Disable Copy / Paste, Disable Print, Disable Print Screen, Disable Developer Tools, Disable View Source, Disable Drag / Drop
  • Better accessibility for additional details regarding each of the options.
  • Slight layout improvements.
  • Improved progress score calculation for Headers.
  • A2 Optimized WP – compatibility fix.
  • Fix CDN option external help page URL.


Release Date – 2022-09-15
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – bc6989db0c07c274f682bf2b75a6d44bc93dabed

  • Fixed the TinyMCE editor on Tutor LMS course add when using JavaScript PostProcessing


Release Date – 2022-09-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2ce9b023c42e1344088112753aef227f98ae5cb3

  • When using CSS PostProcessing, for InPlace & Encode Inline, ignore the already base64 encoded blocks.
  • Check for Uncode WPBakery Page Builder and include the compatibility module


Release Date – 2022-09-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 366d64b4db0e42332924f0121f5fa4a41d3a5e22

  • Add replacements for the forget password url through lostpassword_url filter, for plugins not using the correct format.
  • When generate random slug for admin ajax option, prepend the php extension.


Release Date – 2022-08-11
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – fa9651b1e04a7f9bbe9dd2666c4fe45162933034

  • Updated WP Backery / JS Composer compatibility, keep the scripts IDs when the option “Remove ID from script tag” is active
  • Compatibility with Classified Listing – Classified ads & Business Directory Plugin, keep the scripts IDs when the option “Remove ID from script tag” is active


Release Date – 2022-08-08
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – cb0178abd5e8f1c1473f5b783af11847347ce376

  • Update compatibility with YellowPencil, certain css not rendered correctly when using the replacements.


Release Date – 2022-07-28
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1a1a5b3238be60442f21889d5bb7b587431f0977

  • Compatibility with Debloat
  • Relocate and deprecate templates_data property on WPH class to WPH_Environment class, for lighter core.


Release Date – 2022-07-27
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – f16594f4478f7042f2e54dd76e7c933d607523ba

  • Add a new button to reset the current page options.
  • Improved algorithm to parse the style tags blocks, to avoid regex which fails on very large sections.
  • Improved CSS PostProcessing
  • Move very large in-line style block ( > 50k chars ) as separate asset, to prevent browser in-line import URL failure.
  • Improved regex for faster style/link stylesheet ID removal
  • Use regex to sanitize the URL arguments
  • Relocated the Reset All Settings button to the bottom of the interface.
  • Slight layout improvements and changes.
  • WordPress 6.0.1 compatibilit tag


Release Date – 2022-07-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3ababd59e4a0ccbcf138e4060a292ea8f6e26235

  • Sanitize URL arguments using regex instead sanitize_text_field


Release Date – 2022-07-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 5b6e4fb824973f5479f01254eeb067ffebbe7174

  • New filter wp-hide/content_urls_replacement/replacement_list to interfact with the replacement list, before the substitutions.
  • Ignore “Remove ID from script tag” when Fusion/Avada Builder interface
  • WPML – Add replacements for slugs that include a white space in front, to catch srcset URLs
  • Fix: Split the content for Emulate function to avoid inserting the tag after head section ( within the body content ).


Release Date – 2022-07-11
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 16a9664f5f3ffa69f7fbcfb1080c58ec95ce9531

  • New functionality – Rewrite Mu Plugins / block
  • Process scripts tags ( e.g. remove IDs ) when PostProcessing.
  • Process link/style tags ( e.g. remove IDs ) when PostProcessing
  • Code clean-up
  • Slight Interface Texts updates


Release Date – 2022-06-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 41f68411b20f025180cb29a976b2947d9d1e1c84

  • New CSS PostProcessing function – In Place & Encode Inline
  • Check if preloader attributes, to correctly identify the CSS content
  • Use utf8_decode for inline CSS to ensure parsing of correct chars
  • Use the original script tag attributes when PostProcessing
  • Use the original style/link tag attributes when PostProcessing
  • Allow Text Replace function to change urls too
  • Code Clean-up
  • Code Improvements
  • Ignore specific assets ( critical, used css, etc ) when PostProcessing Combine.
  • Compatibility update with Perfmatters
  • Compatibility update with WP Cloudflare Page Cache


Release Date – 2022-05-23
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 4ccc04afb840e61b3389d53e393e15d53680d440

  • Set WP_ROCKET_WHITE_LABEL_FOOTPRINT to remove the footer comment for WP Rocket, when active


Release Date – 2022-05-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 089629e83aeece302b1b4c3a59f0c97f396d9567

  • Include error type e004, when deactivate a license key and the order is non-allowed.
  • Assets PostProcessing improvements for “Document Loaded Assets PostProcessing” functionality

Release Date – 2022-05-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2043c140a0999b7ca9fb84877dffd834d5e87391

  • Fix for “Document Loaded Assets PostProcessing”, at rewrite regex group catch when using MultiSite environment
  • Fix the help links with the relocated postprocessing interfaces

Release Date – 2022-04-20
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a79e27fc849f1fff9b2f179e8f2d25c2ed384428

  • Upgrade the sample content_security_policy header
  • Add a sleep ( 2 seconds ) for recovery operation to prevent hammering
  • Allow rewrites for “Document Loaded Assets PostProcessing”
  • Check if security headers are successfully deployed and the system allow custom headers
  • Fix format for content_security_policy header, for block-all-mixed-content’ and ‘upgrade-insecure-requests’ options


Release Date – 2022-04-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c9de8142ff0250fdd3dfc0dd75ce85dbcc205d7b

  • New Security Functionality – Headers. HTTP Response Headers are a powerful tool to Harden Your Website.
  • Security Headers – Content-Security-Policy, Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only, Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy (COEP), Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy (COOP), Cross-Origin-Resource-Policy (CORP), Expect CT, Feature Policy, Strict-Transport-Security (HSTS), X-Content-Type-Options, X-Download-Options, X-Frame-Options (XFO), X-Permitted-Cross-Domain-Policies, X-XSS-Protection.
  • Security Headers – Protection Level graph
  • Security Headers – Sample Setup
  • Security Headers – Recovery functionality
  • Rewrite engine extend with Headers capability
  • Use a single replacement list array that runs at the end of replacement procedure, for faster processing.
  • New Option – Convert Relative URLs to Absolute URLs.
  • Consolidate the General/CSS and General / JavaScript into the new Post-Processing menu item
  • Styles and layout improvements
  • Clean-up comments within generated Rewrites
  • Disable custom WP_Admin_Bar, to allow final replacements to process it.
  • Code clean-up
  • Add simple replacement for ‘/wp-admin’ to ensure it catch instances using relative URL
  • Fix: Append URL arguments to login URL, if exists
  • Fix: Ignore CSS PostProcessing for SVG data


Release Date – 2022-03-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – dab12cb210ebd69cffd77967fdc867b4e0653589

  • Filter for upcoming Avada, when use their combined functionality
  • Disable E=WPH_REWRITE to avoid any additional server rewrite processing
  • JSON block ‘Non logged-in’, check the HTTP:Authorization for credentials before block the call
  • Small code clean-up


Release Date – 2022-02-01
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – aa9114eae20735e255fad980756d91b15f35384a

  • Rewrite Uploads module clean-up
  • Rewrite WP Includes module clean-up
  • Fix: Add remote JavaScript back to the placeholder, after combine the previous group.
  • Fix: Wrong rewrite_to for uploads rewrite, when using MultiSite environment deployed a custom sub-directory.


Release Date – 2022-01-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 5087e9462a58cd95d261c83cd1b2692b0fc4f61f

  • Add ‘dashboard’ as system reserved to avoid conflicts on certain environments
  • Add PRO sign and mark on interfaces for a better code uniqueness
  • Improved plugin automatic update routines
  • Completed FR language support


Release Date – 2022-01-25
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e3ef92115b2164135d83dde9b26ed4cacd571469

  • Revert the URLs to default WordPress format, for revisions too


Release Date – 2022-01-21
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d9c6a761463918ade797c7cca3b0cdc80d77a1cb

  • WordPress 4.9 compatibility check
  • French languages updates
  • Map Custom Urls fix rewrite for MultiSite environments.
  • Fix: When check for using same base for an option, if the Plugins tab, exclude the customized plugins options to avoid matching duplicates and return error message.


Release Date – 2022-01-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 52d02f650e1a249862bb1e080487c7a077955f46

  • Implements a new module “Document Loaded Assets PostProcessing” through constant WPH_DOCUMENT_LOADED_ASSETS_POSTPROCESSING https://wp-hide.com/how-postprocessing-works-with-assets-loaded-outside-of-page-html-dataset/
  • New constant WPH_ASSETS_MUTATIONS_HINT to help with hints regarding files ( CSS/JavaScript ) loaded outside of HTML data set.
  • Require .php extention for new login URL to avoid issues when setting up cookie for wrong path, when user password reset
  • Updated the headers of the compatibility files, to avoid issues with 3rd party scanners, which faulty identify the plugins name and version, returning as vulnerable.
  • Update Fr language file
  • Add Ro language support
  • Method remove_anonymous_object_filter improvements
  • WPH_module_rewrite_new_theme_path module cleanup


Release Date – 2021-12-31
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 10f59a4fca71aa0dee13ae521f4fd2fa18c79fd3

  • new option JSON Block for Non logged-in users
  • On postProcessing, Ignore the content when Elementor template library
  • USE L instead END flag for media files, to prevent issues with other codes using their own custom rewrites.
  • Fix: Emulate check if content is HTML


Release Date – 2021-12-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – fa1d5cc1907fc8bca448b95fb47757d3e511db57

  • Add ‘ajax’ as system reserved to avoid issues when using as value


Release Date – 2021-12-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 61ec8535d041d5995594150918e27c9fc463f122

  • New plugin feature: Emulate CMS – Use the option to output specific CMSs HTML traces to mislead any peculiar check.


Release Date – 2021-12-15
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ab2970df44d906d602810f71941b919266bf99f1

  • Ignore the HTML comments clean when JSON calls for Gutenberg block
  • French language file update


Release Date – 2021-12-08
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e2596b38b54154cd9806f67881c9eb670a03a42e

  • New Firewall option – User Agent
  • Update Firewall rules to v1.5 20211103
  • Firewall interface re-build into 3 sections: Query Strings, Request URI, User Agent
  • Implement rewrite_processing_order argument for module items, to specify priority on rewrite processing
  • Code improvements


Release Date – 2021-12-01
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6908daea76a3e1c26a2a33a5af81eb1203831051

  • New option “Combine & Encode Inline” for JavaScript PostProcessing.
  • New cache file format with shorter hashes ( shorter file names, for less HTML data size ).


Release Date – 2021-11-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a5c1f4d661ebc69da8db9d7f7324bd6a89dcaf54

  • Process link html tags, with type of application/javascript and text/javascript as JavaScript assets.
  • Code improvements.


Release Date – 2021-11-24
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6471134a51904d2cc4718fbe8d363e79f8003550

  • Do URL replacements for in-line JavaScript content when using JavaScrit PostProcessing with “In Place & Encode Inline”
  • Code improvements

Release Date – 2021-11-22
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – dd08b264219869ce0fc891fcd9eb535f5254ff14

  • Ignore the option “Remove ID from script tag” when admin dashboard.
  • API host updates

Release Date – 2021-11-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3c2200842ccba1243a4c553164f8dbec05fdd3d4

  • Fix PHP Warning: Undefined array key “host” in general-wy-combine.php on line 421, which potentially trigger in certain situations.

Release Date – 2021-11-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 09c4310b240b71b168c29a895b0cb1524bdfdb86

  • Allow Replacements duplicate, through the constant WPH_REPLACEMENTS_ALLOW_DUPLICATE set to True

Release Date – 2021-11-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 8f3097a1c97c1c7198f21b3f593e508714af7459

  • License class updates

Release Date – 2021-11-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6988a45c1ddad6609e416629e9843a4181e221d8

  • Code Update check, set transient for 12 hours
  • WP Rocket – Optimize CSS Delivery – compatibility

Release Date – 2021-10-28
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 85e519cecaefea7fa1f830d63f334b6e2f7ae51e

  • New filter wph/module/general_scripts/remove_id_attribute/ignore_ids https://wp-hide.com/documentation/wph-module-general_scripts-remove_id_attribute-ignore_ids/

Release Date – 2021-10-27
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3e988a3dd17d3b088832a300046b14d54200663a

  • Disable script ID removal, when open front Elementor editor
  • Remove ID from script tag: Typo fix
  • Fix: Ensure the meta value is string, when doing the urls replacements


Release Date – 2021-10-21
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2d8639f4ef96d3d07bb4eadc3afdb59ab0b4b477

  • New option Remove ID from script tag, using regex

Release Date – 2021-10-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 66c4fcf8d6d940e5762dc0d13151db3db60d03f2

  • Temporarily switch to non-SSL API, until WordPress fix the expired DST Root CA X3 certificate affecting LetsEncrypt, causing cUrl issues https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/54207
  • Ensure the items in $process_interface_save_error is array to prevent Not Set notices


Release Date – 2021-10-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e00973777c4ea71182f339e92410558eac1d14ea

  • Fix API call when license key is not provided


Release Date – 2021-10-07
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e0d3365363d65ed39b7be0f1a1819a67f98af5d9

  • Check if do_action function is available before processing the buffer.

Release Date – 2021-08-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – eac64720e88f2730d6f9252245691549d610164d

  • New feature – JavaScript PostProcessing with InPlace processing and inline code encoding ( base64 ) to avoid dynamic JavaScript code to be saved into cache.
  • New Feature – Remove JavaScript scripts ID tag using filter ( faster ) or regex (slower, if filter not catching the content )
  • New feature – Clean the REST API response
  • Compatibility with WP Meteor

Release Date – 2021-07-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 408de2aec01488edede692b7115b9afd8533a723

  • Allow force_confirm through the url arguments instead just POST, when attempt to force the rewrites confirm
  • Compatibility with Bricks editor

Release Date – 2021-05-05
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 44832bf52ffb11f806685ea1bf9bde5bdc365d73

  • Check if get_filesystem_method() method exists or load the filesystem files.
  • Allow short word as ‘vc’ for replacements to be used for Visual Composer fingerprint replacement


Release Date – 2021-04-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1ee7fb1ad1393059a36c093ac4258f47b6cab014

  • LiteSpeed Cache compatibility update


Release Date – 2021-04-24
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d3cf59fbe6e0cc5cbe03d9e5dada7de332fe2367

  • Remove WP Optimize cache comment, if HTML comments Off is active.
  • Disable replacements on update-plugin to avoid response slug change
  • Updated Map Urls when WordPress deployed within a subdomain.

Release Date – 2021-04-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – bb51f0354776c50b2a7ad54fad7e7c6455efe1c5

  • Check if theme slug exists int he theme list, to avoid triggering warning message ( when broken theme )

Release Date – 2021-04-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – b832325a6483f22fd000ef3f08de044ca9bcbb38

  • When PostProcessing active, process the JavaScript assets URLs within the inline JavaScript code.

Release Date – 2021-03-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a0aed74b7dd7159d959cd44671c7fcd757eaf173

  • Avada compatibility update
  • Fix attachment_url_to_postid
  • Use home_url() instead site_url() for recovery links to ensure the format is correct for WordPress instances using own directory
  • Trigger the login URL change e-mail at shutdown instead init
  • Update compatibility file for TranslatePress – Multilingual
  • Fix meta Uncaught TypeError: count(): Argument

Release Date – 2021-03-19
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2e5bedaefba0b7fea9cb725b0f30356225c90d44

  • Update compatibility file for TranslatePress – Multilingual, use trp_is_admin_link filter for admin link check
  • Load individual compatibility files instead scandir

Release Date – 2021-03-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 92e2a6b04bde44cfa195dc94b06fd4e9110702de

  • Improved visual Text Replacement, ensure the replacements are not applying over URLs


Release Date – 2021-03-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 00722d8adfe2322ee66b2495851591a9921c9379

  • Fix Nginx rewrite for custom JSON slug

Release Date – 2021-03-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 29dda312a7d0f402978b453f5a895cbe14a75140

  • Avada – ignore replacements when AJAX partial refresh

Release Date – 2021-03-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – bd309cd54703aed96755e0573543b2e353d3e236

  • Compatibility update for Avada Edit Live

Release Date – 2021-03-01
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3c80b05a1f3168d16b20b107683655e67918db3a

  • Add ‘activate’ to reserved words when used for Registration > wp-activate·php to avoid conflicts with the plugin activate / de-activate

Release Date – 2021-03-01
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 95b2f50bbb592985c44fd33313385bef41272bb7

  • New filter wp-hide/mod_rewrite_rules
  • Compatibility with TranslatePress – Multilingual – fix log-out url for custom language
  • Check if avada_reset_all_caches and fusion_reset_all_caches are available before calling through filters

Release Date – 2021-02-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 82d2d309deefb427248b27395a36e94888893234

  • Wrap the nginx rewrites into double quotes
  • New filter wp-hide/nginx_flag_type

Release Date – 2021-01-28
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 449456e52039dd276d884494df09370e575b8c14

  • Update for PHP 8 compatibility
  • New action wp-hide/modules_components_run/completed when components loaded and inited
  • Revert URLs in superglobals to ensure they are process correctly by other plugins

Release Date – 2021-01-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – cc9e7fd9c80e9b0498bb3734f006666633fd683f

  • Improved code for checking plugin active on MultiSite
  • Ignore plugin settings when reverse the options to prevent custom urls to break
  • Fix: Set custom server type using the constant WPH_SERVER_TYPE


Release Date – 2020-12-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 7ac7090ae63f3b8e9eb917536d5d67ab780e023b

  • Use pre_update_option to revert urls for saved options
  • Remove ‘query’ filtering to avoid breaking of seriaised arrays
  • Allow links to be processed when using preload attribute and no type as stylesheet

Release Date – 2020-12-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 9df956d9d0814a1c3d713d59814ce50bccb4072e

  • Allow to set a custom server type through constant WPH_SERVER_TYPE
  • Check if OXYGEN_VSB_Signature defined or load the oxigen functions

Release Date – 2020-12-15
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 66d6b7a878bc3ff2d8bab6cfc091ecdc1e80cfb4

  • Reverting the URLs before saved into DB using ‘query’ filter instead other methods.

Release Date – 2020-12-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 58a59427d4b167db605d6ef11d2f4efd0b4bfcbe

  • Add transient for API update check
  • Allow wp-hide/ob_start_callback/pre_replacements when content ‘text/xml’, ‘application/rss+xml’
  • CSS and JavaScript post-processing ( InPlace ) for Internet Explorer conditional blocks

Release Date – 2020-11-23
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 29e8095f9d7ac92060ef19d33cb5be37133903d8

  • Oxygen editor compatibility update

Release Date – 2020-11-19
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1cf9e6475b5bd75611847c0e2674fb70543856bc

  • Update compatibility file with Oxygen editor

Release Date – 2020-11-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2fc703b763a0565a93ea316d4739a8e6cfc9a7e4

  • Include an ENV:REDIRECT_STATUS conditional for default wp-content block
  • Shield Security v10 and up compatibility fix


Release Date – 2020-11-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1540c5a8e8ef7bc22e5bf44849ff12c3dabb4f98

  • Do not remove new lines when AJAX calls

Release Date – 2020-11-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 34a18688c9db66c8727b43a639050fc6fb981480

  • Compatibility with wePOS – Point Of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce
  • Add post-filtering for Oembed to allow disabling through filters

Release Date – 2020-10-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2fa86bb5e4e14e999c7582c4b2d093971a11b098

  • WHen force-check for Updates, ignore the transient cache update for plugin
  • BuddyBoss Theme – Fix redirect link if the default wp-login.php is being set to something else
  • Change sanitize type for custom ajax slug to allow php extension.
  • If “remote-file-css”, “local-no-css-file”, “ignore-local-file-css”, “local-not-found-file-css” continue the loop
  • Astra Pro compatibility file

Release Date – 2020-09-24
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – fa40fdb968a33494812bfe16428ebf2332540fb4

  • WP Rocket convert relative URLs ( .e.g ../../wp-includes/ ) to absolute URLs, to ensure new slugs are updated accordingly
  • Return the default JavaScript code, when stripping out comments and regex fails.


Release Date – 2020-09-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – b607889a2112f20520020d9d527c555e1803e295

  • Include Recovery link in Settings interface, which can be used to reset all option outside of WordPress interface.
  • Recovery confirmation interfaces updates.
  • MultiSite / Single Site setup code merge


Release Date – 2020-09-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6cbd4a9d1a94145020d5bb0257d5870c79657920

  • Compatibility file for Asset CleanUp and Asset CleanUp Pro
  • Update JSON REST service disable, remove the json_enabled as being deprecated, rely on rest_authentication_errors filter

Release Date – 2020-09-15
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c0950c7e5dfcfbcdc90f0c3774ed40ddc93c94be

  • Fix: Password reset link redirect to default /wp-login.php

Release Date – 2020-09-11
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0a6cd066cade03fe775425b6afcfab4c839b6336

  • WooCommerce – Database update link fix

Release Date – 2020-09-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 940c04fcce32410330b2284e5a98ebbf50665d04

  • Compatibility file fix for Shield Security
  • Remove callback for Compatibility file for Shield Security within custom login module

Release Date – 2020-09-07
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – cf969a082d0e62c6f233a4a9c01a81e7c69dad9b

  • Compatibility update for Thrive Architect

Release Date – 2020-09-01
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a6af15536685d4ebb9385261579262bd4d3368ad

  • UTF8 decode the CSS blocks before processing to avoid wrong chars.

Release Date – 2020-08-31
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 921e33d64d65513bff9f51cd3ccd6a9c548adba7

  • New filter for system reserved values wp-hide/interface/process/reserved_values
  • Deprecated internal wp_mail()
  • WP Optimize Premium compatibility
  • Fix: CSS PostProcessing, set to non-css any link tag with no stylesheed rel attribute
  • Fix: Undefined $buffer in general-meta.php

Release Date – 2020-08-05
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 77a7b8708ba10a642c7bbb146a716cc238e03760

  • New functionality – Disable mouse right click

Release Date – 2020-08-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c172a7c9f83da3b7a94136c41a025206d8f2a58a

  • New Firewall module and component


Release Date – 2020-08-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 749fc08e6d411958da02cd39bd999729a6e33e9f

  • New functionality – Remove Server Signature

Release Date – 2020-08-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c82bb6ad2292eeb6568760c476be539a38ba6cdb

  • Compatibility with WCFM – WooCommerce Frontend Manager when add product variation thumbnail
  • Small CSS inline regex update

Release Date – 2020-07-27
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6d914d1cb3351a2f956f411b9fc4cc5b28e8256a

  • Add auth cookie for new ajax if customised
  • Clear new cookies when log-out
  • CSS placeholders process – ensure the placeholder rel is ‘stylesheet’ or ignore it
  • Use site_relative_path to avoid issues when using MultiSite environment deployed within a domain subdirectory.

Release Date – 2020-07-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0e836798899873dece5e58343088bd1f5f995691

  • Avoid catching blocks while being wrapped into script/noscript tags, while using CSS post processing

Release Date – 2020-07-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ddcc4c351112f93bb5f5bbdaabfd3c321e0739a8

  • Add second argument as component_id for filter ‘wph/components/force_run_on_admin’ https://wp-hide.com/documentation/wph-components-force_run_on_admin/

Release Date – 2020-07-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e3eaa4d3afc76e9d65e19b6a2dacd1b96500165a

  • WooCommerce add attribute widget load fix when replacing qxshop word


Release Date – 2020-07-14
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2a324ccf7643d11d99119d981b0571ea6c4dbbab

  • Do not check the rewrites on plugin activate / deactivate
  • WP Job Manager – compatibility update

Release Date – 2020-07-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6a7376da86bf528eb67c5c86a13d78b705e09b79

  • Autoptimize compatibility while aggregate JavaScript and CSS, staring version 2.7.4
  • Update procedure for reverse urls within metadata

Release Date – 2020-07-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e980b585b367b6492e6f7db3f74083706cda2e54

  • Swift Performance – process critical CSS fro replacements
  • BuddyBoss theme, remove the login redirect filter
  • Use regex to prevent reserved values to be used within options values
  • Allow a Confirm force procedure
  • Expanded information when confirmation fails
  • Improved engine for CSS processing and relative urls to absolute urls

Release Date – 2020-06-30
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 10a885948d15479189138a7801f7a6350c611f87

  • Allow admin ajax to use new admin slug
  • Iranian translation
  • Fix undefined variable in general-css-combine

Release Date – 2020-06-25
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ec16af9261a2181b12f34675b4a23bd3369e41f2

  • General JS Regex patter update
  • Updated MU Loader module for late buffering
  • JS comments strip option
  • Compatibility files rewrite
  • BuddyPress compatibility file update
  • SwiftPerformance compatibility file update
  • W3 Cache compatibility file update
  • WP Fastest Cache compatibility file update
  • WP Rocket compatibility file update
  • Update untranslated texts
  • Use no-protocol when loading the plugin assets to ensure they are being loaded through the domain current protocol
  • Ensure Map Custom Urls replaced entries are not duplicated
  • CSS Hero compatibility file
  • Fast Velocity Minify compatibility file
  • Hyper Cache compatibility file
  • LiteSpeed Cache compatibility file
  • WP Speed of Light compatibility file

Release Date – 2020-05-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 158f8d8af00758cc9090a9239df39fb932a52029

  • WPEngine custom admin slug fix
  • Improved JSON block
  • WP Speed of Light – plugin compatibility
  • Fix undefined notice on custom urls module for Nginx

Release Date – 2020-05-20
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 8df9e29e57a5d6b9d54cbfd2a363a93bc93b1089

  • Fix admin url when WordPress installed in custom directory
  • New filter wph/components/block_wp_cron_php/local_ips
  • Typo fix on XML RPC description

Release Date – 2020-05-19
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 4d84581bfa73d40dcdab0a57f7ec81b94ecd4434

  • New filter wph/components/block_wp_cron_php
  • Small code clean-up
  • Use HTML special chars for register-me.php in plugin interface to avoid substitution of the word.

Release Date – 2020-05-14
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ac175e868a7d557bfacf8934881e2eb7549829e9

  • New filter wp-hide/content_urls_replacement
  • New WPH_DEBUG constant for easier debugging
  • Minor code clean-up
  • Updated compatibility with W3 Cache, using postprocessorRequire option
  • Updated compatibility with WP Rocket
  • Fluentform compatibility updates
  • Add Ultimate Member compatibility file
  • Fixed url for superadmin dashboard within adminbar
  • Fixed buddyboss login redirect


Release Date – 2020-04-28
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e6278df1fa29606d99d8375d097a31116be237bc

  • Version
  • New filter wp-hide/get_regex to allow other plugins to interact with the general regex pattern
  • Add admin to ignore list for words which can’t be used on the options to prevent conflicts
  • Add ispgateway, ovh to the list, for alternative rewrite check, as not supporting custom rewrite variables.
  • Ignore qxshop cookies when using the qxshop replacement.

Release Date – 2020-04-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 94cc6bd5dc6fd5c24c80fce06fe3c56e6a873f82

  • Updated regex pattern to catch link tags which do not include a closing slash
  • Update the element media to ‘all’ if not being specified through tag property
  • Include the eigbox.net systems on the list for a different approach to identify f the rewrite applied, as custom environment variables are not allowed
  • Fix: Outputs all error messages when wp_filesystem not being able to write


Release Date – 2020-04-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 4fd6e674d5d865a6fe46b050ef4b0e62aa90a423

  • Update WPML compatibility when using Different languages in directories, Language name added as a parameter
  • Fixed error when using PHP compact on mail send error

Release Date – 2020-04-08
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 4c4b54828bffb1114c6d1ddaa556be7c3f576aa2

  • Check against “siteground” instead “siteground.us” text on System environment variable to match all Siteground servers, for alternative rewrite check verification
  • Run _modules_components_run when action plugins_loaded fires, as earlier as possible
  • Fix wrong variable name on _init_rewrite_default

Release Date – 2020-03-30
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ad39b4330b408c6ec0956ef64bdd53ca7afdf8c4

  • Map Custom Urls for WordPress MultiSite environment

Release Date – 2020-03-24
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 692c529e0566ba90e2e201af4a23ed23c09fd477

  • New functionality: CSS Processing Type: In Place
  • New functionality: JavaScript Processing Type: In Place
  • Different approach to detect write check for specific servers which doe not allow custom environment variables.


Release Date – 2020-03-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 34571dc7d60fef35e3080e9a2cf2f06a8ce3aed7

  • Disabled cron cache clear
  • Fix CSS Combine placeholders re-indexing per original order in HTML
  • IIS change regex quantifier .+ to .*
  • IIS update rewrite marker parser
  • Use init action to schedule the admin change url e-mail, to allow disabling


Release Date – 2020-03-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 64746be33b0a8b7709308d73cbec3c785c26fd8c

  • Update Map Custom Urls to allow relative urls, for easy export – import on sides with different domains.
  • Latest WooCommerce compatibility file update
  • Use a crc32 hash out of settings instead a random number for site_write_check variable
  • New functionality – Allow old URLs using format /wp-content/uploads/ will be redirected to new upload path.
  • Fix rewrite base for rewrite when the site deployed in a sub-directory of domain


Release Date – 2020-02-19
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0afa2a983cc94b16255f26db2e4aa9261bc025c4

  • Compatibility file update for Divi
  • Rely on $_SERVER data when confirm the rewrite for Apache, instead parsing the .htaccess file, to avoid issues when the rewrite file is located on a different place
  • New filter wp-hide/before_ob_start_callback


Release Date – 2020-02-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – f7ef655d3fbad9f8b4d3fc2359f899d38d27e9a4

  • New module – Registration
  • New functionality – New wp-signup·php
  • New functionality – Block wp-signup·php URL
  • New functionality – New wp-activate·php
  • New functionality – Block wp-activate·php


Release Date – 2020-02-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – b02b6b06f1e31a4d38a5204e90f14e0b01bf81c5

  • New functionality – Defer Combined JavaScript
  • Simplified rewrites for MultiSite when using Nginx, which match new sites if use subdomain set-up type
  • Allow multiple hosts to be specified as CDN
  • Do replacements within urlencoded urls
  • Return TRUE when checking for content type is_filterable_content_type() and there is no available Content Type header
  • Simplified Confirm code
  • Kinsta module update
  • WPMUDEV Hosting compatibility with Nginx
  • Divi Editor compatibility when using CSS & JavaScript Combine


Release Date – 2020-01-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ae715fa33b00f92712f2a38fab4a96b16ab6c736

  • Nginx custom url maps and rewrite updates
  • Update JS Comboser compatibility file
  • Compatibility fix with ShortPixel Image Optimizer


Release Date – 2020-01-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2ecc58c5e76959037f4cdb04d389252ac41dd7b4

  • Update general regex to ignore font-family values which are wrapped in single/double quote
  • Do not combine JavaScript and CSS when Elementor elementor-preview


Release Date – 2019-12-30
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6e6538a501f328c9883a2a0e28fba03c41d732a4

  • Revert replacements on GET/POST/REQUET algorithm update
  • Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Premium


Release Date – 2019-12-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e8914ebd3cf3d3b6bcaa94cad6bd08f0f209cfe0

  • Version tag change to 2.x

Release Date – 2019-12-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 46d197981c81228ada545f115cec119e63026b2e

  • Updated Map Urls interface
  • Add help for Map Urls

Release Date – 2019-12-05
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 95363a2d79d3e8089e889727fa6dcbca14b97e9e

  • Ensure the Replacements values are at least 3 char long to avoid issues with erroneously match of other words sentences
  • Removed unused/deprecated get_css_class_replace_exclude method
  • Add filter ‘wph/components/js_combine_code’ to JavaScript Combine class ( WPH_module_general_js_combine )
  • Fix: Plugin options save error notices
  • Woodmart Theme compatibility file
  • WP Smush compatibility file
  • Update Oxygen compatibility file

Release Date – 2019-12-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ae8308254c410d56ae25c86d6e4b9cc37421c117

  • Compatibility update – Oxygen editor

Release Date – 2019-11-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 414417c93aa6883ad17cd3bd5fd7075a748a9b12

  • New skin for plugin admin interfaces
  • Update plugin files structure
  • Add inline help for all options
  • Define WPH_URL on wp-hide-loader.php to allow components to load assets (images) on help interface
  • Updated language PO file
  • Allow single base slug for plugins e.g. all ca use same base as /modules/plugin_name

Release Date – 2019-11-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – b7f82d3f0e1ea258d4fadab9b48f925881cead06

  • Compatibility with Cache Enabler plugin
  • Defer JavaScript assets functionality

Release Date – 2019-10-31
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d1a487b23fd4c6f02122b53e07f1a0029b973ad3

  • Allow HTML Comments clear to run on xml if option set to Yes
  • Fix Elementor template save
  • Run updater for versions prior ‘’ only on admin to ensure cache is being cleared.
  • Update Plugin Updater class for better compatibility
  • New filter ‘wph/components/_init/’
  • Map Custom Urls update, revert mapped to default before create rewrite entry

Release Date – 2019-10-25
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 969781e7892068370b0f9d4cf0c1b81eb729c188

  • Regex Processor with a high speed pattern processing.
  • Simplified Replacements option which replace deprecated CSS ID Replace, CSS Class Replace, JavaScript Variable Replace


Release Date – 2019-10-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – bf522df3078d9f3ef37cfcb45cbfe4e5ed6289a8

  • Do only url replacements on buffers with xml content type headers
  • Check if class exists before init, on custom line inserted in wp-config.php
  • Do not run css/js combine if theme customize interface

Release Date – 2019-10-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1e8c5f9da251e290f1d5bfd83cf722a5834f7b68

  • Clean-up the ‘new_theme_path’ and ‘new_style_file_path’ options before settings save, to avoid duplicate values issues if the option is not being used anymore.
  • Process WooCommerce order_review_fragments when CSS Combine is active
  • Updates through WordPress PAI improvements
  • Allow new wp-login slug without require the php extension
  • New functionality – Exclude specific classes when using global css class replacement, on CSS Class Replace
  • New functionality – Specify partial CSS code block to be excluded from CSS Combine
  • New filter wp-hide/module/general_css_variables_replace/placeholder_ignore_css to allow ignore
  • Improvements for regex pattern on JavaScript Combine and JS classes replacement
  • Fix for generated rewrite on multisite, on block other root files, when allow each site to customize the options.
  • Compatibility fix with WP Portfolio
  • Compatibility fix with JS Composer
  • Compatibility fix with Slider Revolution
  • Compatibility fix with Swift Performance Cache plugin

Release Date – 2019-09-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3f739a6a78cdd788f4adefd499e838813cfe01ff

  • Check if function class is defined before calling parseRequestHeaders()
  • CHeck if attribute ‘message’ exists on doing email message replacements
  • Compatibility while W3Cache JS minify and Css minify
  • Better description for internal cache usage on Setup interface
  • Css Combine – New filter wp-hide/module/general_css_combine/placeholders_process/element_content to allow pre-processing
  • CSS Class regex improvements
  • HTML Classes replacement section update and use regex for processing
  • Preserve IE conditionals when doing JS Combine
  • JS Combine – New filter wp-hide/module/general_js_combine/placeholders_process/element_content to allow pre-processing
  • Use [L] flag instead [END] on wp-content remapped url, to allow fallback on index.php if file not found

Release Date – 2019-09-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d67aba987c223e5e67e5c260cb5e03e62312e512

  • Maintain default WordPress url’s when calling update_post_metadata()
  • Do not process any url replacement if content is an object
  • Catch HTML ID and CLASS tags if they include spaces ( e.g. class = “my-class” )

Release Date – 2019-09-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 560f9e7998a0b6ecd8353c7c5335928c16eaedae

  • Fix: Return correct home path when using own directory for WordPress and hosting account use the same slug in the path.

Release Date – 2019-08-30
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1aaff6f1f7cdfc3ceccee4ccd886ce2c1db8aa2c

  • Compatibility for Plugin WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache
  • Attempt to re-create the rewrite data on plugin activate / de-activate for Apache environments
  • Fix: options save for themes which include a period ( dot ) in folder name


Release Date – 2019-08-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0e05f0b86a3c03033b40d92b918f50303bebb842

  • Fix: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function update_headers()


Release Date – 2019-08-22
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6de48139f4677cfceb4a3c3989c33165a2cc928b

  • Elementor widgets url replacements before being outputted.
  • Overwrite the default WP_Admin_Bar class loading with a custom one with the same name to prevent issues on specific plugins.


Release Date – 2019-08-08
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 255ee24abf210e45e8c0a0a52219b6c48d3bc36f

  • New option to Use mere rewrite for Block Default on default wp-login.php
  • Do Replacements within Location Header, even if the content is empty
  • BackupBuddy download archive fix


Release Date – 2019-07-30
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 5824b69b9cca07e2ab85b453525655d198bbd457

  • Elementor compatibility update
  • Yoast SEO Premium plugin compatibility update
  • Check if base option value e.g. module/app alrady used for another option, to prevent rewrite conflicts
  • Outputs licence status and expiring information if apply.
  • Use own Admin Bar instead to extend the default, to prevent conflicts with specific plugins eg. AAM
  • New filter wph/core/set_server_type, which allows to set a custom server type
  • Prevent cache clear on plugin update, might produce issues if fails to clear the site cache plugin data.
  • New filter ‘wph/components/components_run/ignore_field_id’
  • Improved regex for Html Comments replace, for better compatibility


Release Date – 2019-07-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – fe054e88135655efb90952a4a9eb7078f44025de

  • Append /index.php to confirm url to avoid issues on domains which use redirects
  • Fix: Self Rewrite set-up, use previous options list to ensure the site loads fine, until rewrite changed manually and confirmed.
  • Clear all caches when any plugin option changes
  • Outputs “No” option firs, then “Yes”
  • New CDN module option – Load Cache Files through CDN – When creating Cache files, mainly used when using CSS Combine and JavaScript Cobine, the cache files should be loaded through CDN.
  • New CDN module option – Load assets within Cache Files through CDN – When creating Cache files, mainly used when using CSS Combine and JavaScript Cobine, any assets ( images, fonts) inside cache files should be loaded through CDN.

Release Date – 2019-06-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d7c86c8469a0bb13809b9a91c8d0eb05a7542e43

  • Update new login url for Kinsta servers
  • Yoast SEO Premium sitemap stylesheet url fix
  • Divi compatibility file update
  • Elementor clear cache when settings changed
  • Cache Status interface within Settings, to control the cache options and cache clear
  • WP_Admin_Bar node convert to array if set erroneously as object (Enfold issue)
  • Trigger cache clear on an y update to ensure new data set is being created
  • Ignore file JavaScript Combine fix, check for $element_src variable

Release Date – 2019-06-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6359c3397609da6b54f17eef20afcab1e9ee897b

  • Clear Fusion Builder cache when WP Hide settings changed
  • Ignore Autoptimize css / js processing when WP Hide Css / Jss combine are on
  • Avada process whole content, not just to urls updates
  • WP Fastest Cache process minified assets
  • Check for reserved options value when saving the WP Hide interface
  • New filter wp-hide/interface/process/reserved_values for reserverd options value
  • Search for matches in JSON variables for urls which does not end in a forwardslash
  • Sanitize replacement values for Css Class change
  • Css Combine link regex updates
  • Css Combine inline css regex updates to exclude wrapped noscript
  • Css Combine process CDN files as being locally
  • Css Combine Class regex updates to allow global replacements
  • Css Combine add the first style-sheet higher in header
  • wp-hide/module/general_js_variables_replace/placeholder_ignore_inline_js replaced wp-hide/module/general_js_combine/placeholder_ignore_inline_js
  • JS Combine improved regex to match script tags
  • JS Combine process CDN files as being locally
  • JS Combine use regex to retrieve the script tag content, as using DOMDocument strip specific tags with unsuspected results
  • JS Combine Class regex updates to allow global replacements

Release Date – 2019-05-27
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 83a86b9cb6df7b566022570b8738c2f7c0ef68d5

  • Allow ‘text/csv’ and ‘application/json’ as filterable content
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