WP-Hide PRO – Changelog


Release Date – 2022-08-11
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – fa9651b1e04a7f9bbe9dd2666c4fe45162933034

  • Updated WP Backery / JS Composer compatibility, keep the scripts IDs when the option “Remove ID from script tag” is active
  • Compatibility with Classified Listing – Classified ads & Business Directory Plugin, keep the scripts IDs when the option “Remove ID from script tag” is active


Release Date – 2022-08-08
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – cb0178abd5e8f1c1473f5b783af11847347ce376

  • Update compatibility with YellowPencil, certain css not rendered correctly when using the replacements.


Release Date – 2022-07-28
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1a1a5b3238be60442f21889d5bb7b587431f0977

  • Compatibility with Debloat
  • Relocate and deprecate templates_data property on WPH class to WPH_Environment class, for lighter core.


Release Date – 2022-07-27
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – f16594f4478f7042f2e54dd76e7c933d607523ba

  • Add a new button to reset the current page options.
  • Improved algorithm to parse the style tags blocks, to avoid regex which fails on very large sections.
  • Improved CSS PostProcessing
  • Move very large in-line style block ( > 50k chars ) as separate asset, to prevent browser in-line import URL failure.
  • Improved regex for faster style/link stylesheet ID removal
  • Use regex to sanitize the URL arguments
  • Relocated the Reset All Settings button to the bottom of the interface.
  • Slight layout improvements and changes.
  • WordPress 6.0.1 compatibilit tag


Release Date – 2022-07-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3ababd59e4a0ccbcf138e4060a292ea8f6e26235

  • Sanitize URL arguments using regex instead sanitize_text_field


Release Date – 2022-07-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 5b6e4fb824973f5479f01254eeb067ffebbe7174

  • New filter wp-hide/content_urls_replacement/replacement_list to interfact with the replacement list, before the substitutions.
  • Ignore “Remove ID from script tag” when Fusion/Avada Builder interface
  • WPML – Add replacements for slugs that include a white space in front, to catch srcset URLs
  • Fix: Split the content for Emulate function to avoid inserting the tag after head section ( within the body content ).


Release Date – 2022-07-11
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 16a9664f5f3ffa69f7fbcfb1080c58ec95ce9531

  • New functionality – Rewrite Mu Plugins / block
  • Process scripts tags ( e.g. remove IDs ) when PostProcessing.
  • Process link/style tags ( e.g. remove IDs ) when PostProcessing
  • Code clean-up
  • Slight Interface Texts updates


Release Date – 2022-06-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 41f68411b20f025180cb29a976b2947d9d1e1c84

  • New CSS PostProcessing function – In Place & Encode Inline
  • Check if preloader attributes, to correctly identify the CSS content
  • Use utf8_decode for inline CSS to ensure parsing of correct chars
  • Use the original script tag attributes when PostProcessing
  • Use the original style/link tag attributes when PostProcessing
  • Allow Text Replace function to change urls too
  • Code Clean-up
  • Code Improvements
  • Ignore specific assets ( critical, used css, etc ) when PostProcessing Combine.
  • Compatibility update with Perfmatters
  • Compatibility update with WP Cloudflare Page Cache


Release Date – 2022-05-23
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 4ccc04afb840e61b3389d53e393e15d53680d440

  • Set WP_ROCKET_WHITE_LABEL_FOOTPRINT to remove the footer comment for WP Rocket, when active


Release Date – 2022-05-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 089629e83aeece302b1b4c3a59f0c97f396d9567

  • Include error type e004, when deactivate a license key and the order is non-allowed.
  • Assets PostProcessing improvements for “Document Loaded Assets PostProcessing” functionality

Release Date – 2022-05-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2043c140a0999b7ca9fb84877dffd834d5e87391

  • Fix for “Document Loaded Assets PostProcessing”, at rewrite regex group catch when using MultiSite environment
  • Fix the help links with the relocated postprocessing interfaces

Release Date – 2022-04-20
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a79e27fc849f1fff9b2f179e8f2d25c2ed384428

  • Upgrade the sample content_security_policy header
  • Add a sleep ( 2 seconds ) for recovery operation to prevent hammering
  • Allow rewrites for “Document Loaded Assets PostProcessing”
  • Check if security headers are successfully deployed and the system allow custom headers
  • Fix format for content_security_policy header, for block-all-mixed-content’ and ‘upgrade-insecure-requests’ options


Release Date – 2022-04-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c9de8142ff0250fdd3dfc0dd75ce85dbcc205d7b

  • New Security Functionality – Headers. HTTP Response Headers are a powerful tool to Harden Your Website.
  • Security Headers – Content-Security-Policy, Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only, Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy (COEP), Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy (COOP), Cross-Origin-Resource-Policy (CORP), Expect CT, Feature Policy, Strict-Transport-Security (HSTS), X-Content-Type-Options, X-Download-Options, X-Frame-Options (XFO), X-Permitted-Cross-Domain-Policies, X-XSS-Protection.
  • Security Headers – Protection Level graph
  • Security Headers – Sample Setup
  • Security Headers – Recovery functionality
  • Rewrite engine extend with Headers capability
  • Use a single replacement list array that runs at the end of replacement procedure, for faster processing.
  • New Option – Convert Relative URLs to Absolute URLs.
  • Consolidate the General/CSS and General / JavaScript into the new Post-Processing menu item
  • Styles and layout improvements
  • Clean-up comments within generated Rewrites
  • Disable custom WP_Admin_Bar, to allow final replacements to process it.
  • Code clean-up
  • Add simple replacement for ‘/wp-admin’ to ensure it catch instances using relative URL
  • Fix: Append URL arguments to login URL, if exists
  • Fix: Ignore CSS PostProcessing for SVG data


Release Date – 2022-03-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – dab12cb210ebd69cffd77967fdc867b4e0653589

  • Filter for upcoming Avada, when use their combined functionality
  • Disable E=WPH_REWRITE to avoid any additional server rewrite processing
  • JSON block ‘Non logged-in’, check the HTTP:Authorization for credentials before block the call
  • Small code clean-up


Release Date – 2022-02-01
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – aa9114eae20735e255fad980756d91b15f35384a

  • Rewrite Uploads module clean-up
  • Rewrite WP Includes module clean-up
  • Fix: Add remote JavaScript back to the placeholder, after combine the previous group.
  • Fix: Wrong rewrite_to for uploads rewrite, when using MultiSite environment deployed a custom sub-directory.


Release Date – 2022-01-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 5087e9462a58cd95d261c83cd1b2692b0fc4f61f

  • Add ‘dashboard’ as system reserved to avoid conflicts on certain environments
  • Add PRO sign and mark on interfaces for a better code uniqueness
  • Improved plugin automatic update routines
  • Completed FR language support


Release Date – 2022-01-25
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e3ef92115b2164135d83dde9b26ed4cacd571469

  • Revert the URLs to default WordPress format, for revisions too


Release Date – 2022-01-21
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d9c6a761463918ade797c7cca3b0cdc80d77a1cb

  • WordPress 4.9 compatibility check
  • French languages updates
  • Map Custom Urls fix rewrite for MultiSite environments.
  • Fix: When check for using same base for an option, if the Plugins tab, exclude the customized plugins options to avoid matching duplicates and return error message.


Release Date – 2022-01-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 52d02f650e1a249862bb1e080487c7a077955f46

  • Implements a new module “Document Loaded Assets PostProcessing” through constant WPH_DOCUMENT_LOADED_ASSETS_POSTPROCESSING https://wp-hide.com/how-postprocessing-works-with-assets-loaded-outside-of-page-html-dataset/
  • New constant WPH_ASSETS_MUTATIONS_HINT to help with hints regarding files ( CSS/JavaScript ) loaded outside of HTML data set.
  • Require .php extention for new login URL to avoid issues when setting up cookie for wrong path, when user password reset
  • Updated the headers of the compatibility files, to avoid issues with 3rd party scanners, which faulty identify the plugins name and version, returning as vulnerable.
  • Update Fr language file
  • Add Ro language support
  • Method remove_anonymous_object_filter improvements
  • WPH_module_rewrite_new_theme_path module cleanup


Release Date – 2021-12-31
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 10f59a4fca71aa0dee13ae521f4fd2fa18c79fd3

  • new option JSON Block for Non logged-in users
  • On postProcessing, Ignore the content when Elementor template library
  • USE L instead END flag for media files, to prevent issues with other codes using their own custom rewrites.
  • Fix: Emulate check if content is HTML


Release Date – 2021-12-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – fa1d5cc1907fc8bca448b95fb47757d3e511db57

  • Add ‘ajax’ as system reserved to avoid issues when using as value


Release Date – 2021-12-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 61ec8535d041d5995594150918e27c9fc463f122

  • New plugin feature: Emulate CMS – Use the option to output specific CMSs HTML traces to mislead any peculiar check.


Release Date – 2021-12-15
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ab2970df44d906d602810f71941b919266bf99f1

  • Ignore the HTML comments clean when JSON calls for Gutenberg block
  • French language file update


Release Date – 2021-12-08
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e2596b38b54154cd9806f67881c9eb670a03a42e

  • New Firewall option – User Agent
  • Update Firewall rules to v1.5 20211103
  • Firewall interface re-build into 3 sections: Query Strings, Request URI, User Agent
  • Implement rewrite_processing_order argument for module items, to specify priority on rewrite processing
  • Code improvements


Release Date – 2021-12-01
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6908daea76a3e1c26a2a33a5af81eb1203831051

  • New option “Combine & Encode Inline” for JavaScript PostProcessing.
  • New cache file format with shorter hashes ( shorter file names, for less HTML data size ).


Release Date – 2021-11-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a5c1f4d661ebc69da8db9d7f7324bd6a89dcaf54

  • Process link html tags, with type of application/javascript and text/javascript as JavaScript assets.
  • Code improvements.


Release Date – 2021-11-24
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6471134a51904d2cc4718fbe8d363e79f8003550

  • Do URL replacements for in-line JavaScript content when using JavaScrit PostProcessing with “In Place & Encode Inline”
  • Code improvements

Release Date – 2021-11-22
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – dd08b264219869ce0fc891fcd9eb535f5254ff14

  • Ignore the option “Remove ID from script tag” when admin dashboard.
  • API host updates

Release Date – 2021-11-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3c2200842ccba1243a4c553164f8dbec05fdd3d4

  • Fix PHP Warning: Undefined array key “host” in general-js-combine.php on line 421, which potentially trigger in certain situations.

Release Date – 2021-11-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 09c4310b240b71b168c29a895b0cb1524bdfdb86

  • Allow Replacements duplicate, through the constant WPH_REPLACEMENTS_ALLOW_DUPLICATE set to True

Release Date – 2021-11-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 8f3097a1c97c1c7198f21b3f593e508714af7459

  • License class updates

Release Date – 2021-11-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6988a45c1ddad6609e416629e9843a4181e221d8

  • Code Update check, set transient for 12 hours
  • WP Rocket – Optimize CSS Delivery – compatibility

Release Date – 2021-10-28
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 85e519cecaefea7fa1f830d63f334b6e2f7ae51e

  • New filter wph/module/general_scripts/remove_id_attribute/ignore_ids https://wp-hide.com/documentation/wph-module-general_scripts-remove_id_attribute-ignore_ids/

Release Date – 2021-10-27
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3e988a3dd17d3b088832a300046b14d54200663a

  • Disable script ID removal, when open front Elementor editor
  • Remove ID from script tag: Typo fix
  • Fix: Ensure the meta value is string, when doing the urls replacements


Release Date – 2021-10-21
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2d8639f4ef96d3d07bb4eadc3afdb59ab0b4b477

  • New option Remove ID from script tag, using regex

Release Date – 2021-10-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 66c4fcf8d6d940e5762dc0d13151db3db60d03f2

  • Temporarily switch to non-SSL API, until WordPress fix the expired DST Root CA X3 certificate affecting LetsEncrypt, causing cUrl issues https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/54207
  • Ensure the items in $process_interface_save_error is array to prevent Not Set notices


Release Date – 2021-10-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e00973777c4ea71182f339e92410558eac1d14ea

  • Fix API call when license key is not provided


Release Date – 2021-10-07
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e0d3365363d65ed39b7be0f1a1819a67f98af5d9

  • Check if do_action function is available before processing the buffer.

Release Date – 2021-08-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – eac64720e88f2730d6f9252245691549d610164d

  • New feature – JavaScript PostProcessing with InPlace processing and inline code encoding ( base64 ) to avoid dynamic JavaScript code to be saved into cache.
  • New Feature – Remove JavaScript scripts ID tag using filter ( faster ) or regex (slower, if filter not catching the content )
  • New feature – Clean the REST API response
  • Compatibility with WP Meteor

Release Date – 2021-07-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 408de2aec01488edede692b7115b9afd8533a723

  • Allow force_confirm through the url arguments instead just POST, when attempt to force the rewrites confirm
  • Compatibility with Bricks editor

Release Date – 2021-05-05
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 44832bf52ffb11f806685ea1bf9bde5bdc365d73

  • Check if get_filesystem_method() method exists or load the filesystem files.
  • Allow short word as ‘vc’ for replacements to be used for Visual Composer fingerprint replacement


Release Date – 2021-04-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1ee7fb1ad1393059a36c093ac4258f47b6cab014

  • LiteSpeed Cache compatibility update


Release Date – 2021-04-24
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d3cf59fbe6e0cc5cbe03d9e5dada7de332fe2367

  • Remove WP Optimize cache comment, if HTML comments Off is active.
  • Disable replacements on update-plugin to avoid response slug change
  • Updated Map Urls when WordPress deployed within a subdomain.

Release Date – 2021-04-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – bb51f0354776c50b2a7ad54fad7e7c6455efe1c5

  • Check if theme slug exists int he theme list, to avoid triggering warning message ( when broken theme )

Release Date – 2021-04-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – b832325a6483f22fd000ef3f08de044ca9bcbb38

  • When PostProcessing active, process the JavaScript assets URLs within the inline JavaScript code.

Release Date – 2021-03-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a0aed74b7dd7159d959cd44671c7fcd757eaf173

  • Avada compatibility update
  • Fix attachment_url_to_postid
  • Use home_url() instead site_url() for recovery links to ensure the format is correct for WordPress instances using own directory
  • Trigger the login URL change e-mail at shutdown instead init
  • Update compatibility file for TranslatePress – Multilingual
  • Fix meta Uncaught TypeError: count(): Argument

Release Date – 2021-03-19
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2e5bedaefba0b7fea9cb725b0f30356225c90d44

  • Update compatibility file for TranslatePress – Multilingual, use trp_is_admin_link filter for admin link check
  • Load individual compatibility files instead scandir

Release Date – 2021-03-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 92e2a6b04bde44cfa195dc94b06fd4e9110702de

  • Improved visual Text Replacement, ensure the replacements are not applying over URLs


Release Date – 2021-03-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 00722d8adfe2322ee66b2495851591a9921c9379

  • Fix Nginx rewrite for custom JSON slug

Release Date – 2021-03-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 29dda312a7d0f402978b453f5a895cbe14a75140

  • Avada – ignore replacements when AJAX partial refresh

Release Date – 2021-03-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – bd309cd54703aed96755e0573543b2e353d3e236

  • Compatibility update for Avada Edit Live

Release Date – 2021-03-01
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3c80b05a1f3168d16b20b107683655e67918db3a

  • Add ‘activate’ to reserved words when used for Registration > wp-activate·php to avoid conflicts with the plugin activate / de-activate

Release Date – 2021-03-01
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 95b2f50bbb592985c44fd33313385bef41272bb7

  • New filter wp-hide/mod_rewrite_rules
  • Compatibility with TranslatePress – Multilingual – fix log-out url for custom language
  • Check if avada_reset_all_caches and fusion_reset_all_caches are available before calling through filters

Release Date – 2021-02-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 82d2d309deefb427248b27395a36e94888893234

  • Wrap the nginx rewrites into double quotes
  • New filter wp-hide/nginx_flag_type

Release Date – 2021-01-28
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 449456e52039dd276d884494df09370e575b8c14

  • Update for PHP 8 compatibility
  • New action wp-hide/modules_components_run/completed when components loaded and inited
  • Revert URLs in superglobals to ensure they are process correctly by other plugins

Release Date – 2021-01-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – cc9e7fd9c80e9b0498bb3734f006666633fd683f

  • Improved code for checking plugin active on MultiSite
  • Ignore plugin settings when reverse the options to prevent custom urls to break
  • Fix: Set custom server type using the constant WPH_SERVER_TYPE


Release Date – 2020-12-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 7ac7090ae63f3b8e9eb917536d5d67ab780e023b

  • Use pre_update_option to revert urls for saved options
  • Remove ‘query’ filtering to avoid breaking of seriaised arrays
  • Allow links to be processed when using preload attribute and no type as stylesheet

Release Date – 2020-12-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 9df956d9d0814a1c3d713d59814ce50bccb4072e

  • Allow to set a custom server type through constant WPH_SERVER_TYPE
  • Check if OXYGEN_VSB_Signature defined or load the oxigen functions

Release Date – 2020-12-15
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 66d6b7a878bc3ff2d8bab6cfc091ecdc1e80cfb4

  • Reverting the URLs before saved into DB using ‘query’ filter instead other methods.

Release Date – 2020-12-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 58a59427d4b167db605d6ef11d2f4efd0b4bfcbe

  • Add transient for API update check
  • Allow wp-hide/ob_start_callback/pre_replacements when content ‘text/xml’, ‘application/rss+xml’
  • CSS and JavaScript post-processing ( InPlace ) for Internet Explorer conditional blocks

Release Date – 2020-11-23
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 29e8095f9d7ac92060ef19d33cb5be37133903d8

  • Oxygen editor compatibility update

Release Date – 2020-11-19
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1cf9e6475b5bd75611847c0e2674fb70543856bc

  • Update compatibility file with Oxygen editor

Release Date – 2020-11-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2fc703b763a0565a93ea316d4739a8e6cfc9a7e4

  • Include an ENV:REDIRECT_STATUS conditional for default wp-content block
  • Shield Security v10 and up compatibility fix


Release Date – 2020-11-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1540c5a8e8ef7bc22e5bf44849ff12c3dabb4f98

  • Do not remove new lines when AJAX calls

Release Date – 2020-11-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 34a18688c9db66c8727b43a639050fc6fb981480

  • Compatibility with wePOS – Point Of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce
  • Add post-filtering for Oembed to allow disabling through filters

Release Date – 2020-10-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2fa86bb5e4e14e999c7582c4b2d093971a11b098

  • WHen force-check for Updates, ignore the transient cache update for plugin
  • BuddyBoss Theme – Fix redirect link if the default wp-login.php is being set to something else
  • Change sanitize type for custom ajax slug to allow php extension.
  • If “remote-file-css”, “local-no-css-file”, “ignore-local-file-css”, “local-not-found-file-css” continue the loop
  • Astra Pro compatibility file

Release Date – 2020-09-24
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – fa40fdb968a33494812bfe16428ebf2332540fb4

  • WP Rocket convert relative URLs ( .e.g ../../wp-includes/ ) to absolute URLs, to ensure new slugs are updated accordingly
  • Return the default JavaScript code, when stripping out comments and regex fails.


Release Date – 2020-09-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – b607889a2112f20520020d9d527c555e1803e295

  • Include Recovery link in Settings interface, which can be used to reset all option outside of WordPress interface.
  • Recovery confirmation interfaces updates.
  • MultiSite / Single Site setup code merge


Release Date – 2020-09-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6cbd4a9d1a94145020d5bb0257d5870c79657920

  • Compatibility file for Asset CleanUp and Asset CleanUp Pro
  • Update JSON REST service disable, remove the json_enabled as being deprecated, rely on rest_authentication_errors filter

Release Date – 2020-09-15
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c0950c7e5dfcfbcdc90f0c3774ed40ddc93c94be

  • Fix: Password reset link redirect to default /wp-login.php

Release Date – 2020-09-11
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0a6cd066cade03fe775425b6afcfab4c839b6336

  • WooCommerce – Database update link fix

Release Date – 2020-09-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 940c04fcce32410330b2284e5a98ebbf50665d04

  • Compatibility file fix for Shield Security
  • Remove callback for Compatibility file for Shield Security within custom login module

Release Date – 2020-09-07
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – cf969a082d0e62c6f233a4a9c01a81e7c69dad9b

  • Compatibility update for Thrive Architect

Release Date – 2020-09-01
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a6af15536685d4ebb9385261579262bd4d3368ad

  • UTF8 decode the CSS blocks before processing to avoid wrong chars.

Release Date – 2020-08-31
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 921e33d64d65513bff9f51cd3ccd6a9c548adba7

  • New filter for system reserved values wp-hide/interface/process/reserved_values
  • Deprecated internal wp_mail()
  • WP Optimize Premium compatibility
  • Fix: CSS PostProcessing, set to non-css any link tag with no stylesheed rel attribute
  • Fix: Undefined $buffer in general-meta.php

Release Date – 2020-08-05
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 77a7b8708ba10a642c7bbb146a716cc238e03760

  • New functionality – Disable mouse right click

Release Date – 2020-08-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c172a7c9f83da3b7a94136c41a025206d8f2a58a

  • New Firewall module and component


Release Date – 2020-08-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 749fc08e6d411958da02cd39bd999729a6e33e9f

  • New functionality – Remove Server Signature

Release Date – 2020-08-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c82bb6ad2292eeb6568760c476be539a38ba6cdb

  • Compatibility with WCFM – WooCommerce Frontend Manager when add product variation thumbnail
  • Small CSS inline regex update

Release Date – 2020-07-27
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6d914d1cb3351a2f956f411b9fc4cc5b28e8256a

  • Add auth cookie for new ajax if customised
  • Clear new cookies when log-out
  • CSS placeholders process – ensure the placeholder rel is ‘stylesheet’ or ignore it
  • Use site_relative_path to avoid issues when using MultiSite environment deployed within a domain subdirectory.

Release Date – 2020-07-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0e836798899873dece5e58343088bd1f5f995691

  • Avoid catching blocks while being wrapped into script/noscript tags, while using CSS post processing

Release Date – 2020-07-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ddcc4c351112f93bb5f5bbdaabfd3c321e0739a8

  • Add second argument as component_id for filter ‘wph/components/force_run_on_admin’ https://wp-hide.com/documentation/wph-components-force_run_on_admin/

Release Date – 2020-07-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e3eaa4d3afc76e9d65e19b6a2dacd1b96500165a

  • WooCommerce add attribute widget load fix when replacing qxshop word


Release Date – 2020-07-14
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2a324ccf7643d11d99119d981b0571ea6c4dbbab

  • Do not check the rewrites on plugin activate / deactivate
  • WP Job Manager – compatibility update

Release Date – 2020-07-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6a7376da86bf528eb67c5c86a13d78b705e09b79

  • Autoptimize compatibility while aggregate JavaScript and CSS, staring version 2.7.4
  • Update procedure for reverse urls within metadata

Release Date – 2020-07-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e980b585b367b6492e6f7db3f74083706cda2e54

  • Swift Performance – process critical CSS fro replacements
  • BuddyBoss theme, remove the login redirect filter
  • Use regex to prevent reserved values to be used within options values
  • Allow a Confirm force procedure
  • Expanded information when confirmation fails
  • Improved engine for CSS processing and relative urls to absolute urls

Release Date – 2020-06-30
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 10a885948d15479189138a7801f7a6350c611f87

  • Allow admin ajax to use new admin slug
  • Iranian translation
  • Fix undefined variable in general-css-combine

Release Date – 2020-06-25
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ec16af9261a2181b12f34675b4a23bd3369e41f2

  • General JS Regex patter update
  • Updated MU Loader module for late buffering
  • JS comments strip option
  • Compatibility files rewrite
  • BuddyPress compatibility file update
  • SwiftPerformance compatibility file update
  • W3 Cache compatibility file update
  • WP Fastest Cache compatibility file update
  • WP Rocket compatibility file update
  • Update untranslated texts
  • Use no-protocol when loading the plugin assets to ensure they are being loaded through the domain current protocol
  • Ensure Map Custom Urls replaced entries are not duplicated
  • CSS Hero compatibility file
  • Fast Velocity Minify compatibility file
  • Hyper Cache compatibility file
  • LiteSpeed Cache compatibility file
  • WP Speed of Light compatibility file

Release Date – 2020-05-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 158f8d8af00758cc9090a9239df39fb932a52029

  • WPEngine custom admin slug fix
  • Improved JSON block
  • WP Speed of Light – plugin compatibility
  • Fix undefined notice on custom urls module for Nginx

Release Date – 2020-05-20
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 8df9e29e57a5d6b9d54cbfd2a363a93bc93b1089

  • Fix admin url when WordPress installed in custom directory
  • New filter wph/components/block_wp_cron_php/local_ips
  • Typo fix on XML RPC description

Release Date – 2020-05-19
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 4d84581bfa73d40dcdab0a57f7ec81b94ecd4434

  • New filter wph/components/block_wp_cron_php
  • Small code clean-up
  • Use HTML special chars for register-me.php in plugin interface to avoid substitution of the word.

Release Date – 2020-05-14
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ac175e868a7d557bfacf8934881e2eb7549829e9

  • New filter wp-hide/content_urls_replacement
  • New WPH_DEBUG constant for easier debugging
  • Minor code clean-up
  • Updated compatibility with W3 Cache, using postprocessorRequire option
  • Updated compatibility with WP Rocket
  • Fluentform compatibility updates
  • Add Ultimate Member compatibility file
  • Fixed url for superadmin dashboard within adminbar
  • Fixed buddyboss login redirect


Release Date – 2020-04-28
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e6278df1fa29606d99d8375d097a31116be237bc

  • Version
  • New filter wp-hide/get_regex to allow other plugins to interact with the general regex pattern
  • Add admin to ignore list for words which can’t be used on the options to prevent conflicts
  • Add ispgateway, ovh to the list, for alternative rewrite check, as not supporting custom rewrite variables.
  • Ignore qxshop cookies when using the qxshop replacement.

Release Date – 2020-04-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 94cc6bd5dc6fd5c24c80fce06fe3c56e6a873f82

  • Updated regex pattern to catch link tags which do not include a closing slash
  • Update the element media to ‘all’ if not being specified through tag property
  • Include the eigbox.net systems on the list for a different approach to identify f the rewrite applied, as custom environment variables are not allowed
  • Fix: Outputs all error messages when wp_filesystem not being able to write


Release Date – 2020-04-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 4fd6e674d5d865a6fe46b050ef4b0e62aa90a423

  • Update WPML compatibility when using Different languages in directories, Language name added as a parameter
  • Fixed error when using PHP compact on mail send error

Release Date – 2020-04-08
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 4c4b54828bffb1114c6d1ddaa556be7c3f576aa2

  • Check against “siteground” instead “siteground.us” text on System environment variable to match all Siteground servers, for alternative rewrite check verification
  • Run _modules_components_run when action plugins_loaded fires, as earlier as possible
  • Fix wrong variable name on _init_rewrite_default

Release Date – 2020-03-30
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ad39b4330b408c6ec0956ef64bdd53ca7afdf8c4

  • Map Custom Urls for WordPress MultiSite environment

Release Date – 2020-03-24
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 692c529e0566ba90e2e201af4a23ed23c09fd477

  • New functionality: CSS Processing Type: In Place
  • New functionality: JavaScript Processing Type: In Place
  • Different approach to detect write check for specific servers which doe not allow custom environment variables.


Release Date – 2020-03-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 34571dc7d60fef35e3080e9a2cf2f06a8ce3aed7

  • Disabled cron cache clear
  • Fix CSS Combine placeholders re-indexing per original order in HTML
  • IIS change regex quantifier .+ to .*
  • IIS update rewrite marker parser
  • Use init action to schedule the admin change url e-mail, to allow disabling


Release Date – 2020-03-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 64746be33b0a8b7709308d73cbec3c785c26fd8c

  • Update Map Custom Urls to allow relative urls, for easy export – import on sides with different domains.
  • Latest WooCommerce compatibility file update
  • Use a crc32 hash out of settings instead a random number for site_write_check variable
  • New functionality – Allow old URLs using format /wp-content/uploads/ will be redirected to new upload path.
  • Fix rewrite base for rewrite when the site deployed in a sub-directory of domain


Release Date – 2020-02-19
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0afa2a983cc94b16255f26db2e4aa9261bc025c4

  • Compatibility file update for Divi
  • Rely on $_SERVER data when confirm the rewrite for Apache, instead parsing the .htaccess file, to avoid issues when the rewrite file is located on a different place
  • New filter wp-hide/before_ob_start_callback


Release Date – 2020-02-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – f7ef655d3fbad9f8b4d3fc2359f899d38d27e9a4

  • New module – Registration
  • New functionality – New wp-signup·php
  • New functionality – Block wp-signup·php URL
  • New functionality – New wp-activate·php
  • New functionality – Block wp-activate·php


Release Date – 2020-02-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – b02b6b06f1e31a4d38a5204e90f14e0b01bf81c5

  • New functionality – Defer Combined JavaScript
  • Simplified rewrites for MultiSite when using Nginx, which match new sites if use subdomain set-up type
  • Allow multiple hosts to be specified as CDN
  • Do replacements within urlencoded urls
  • Return TRUE when checking for content type is_filterable_content_type() and there is no available Content Type header
  • Simplified Confirm code
  • Kinsta module update
  • WPMUDEV Hosting compatibility with Nginx
  • Divi Editor compatibility when using CSS & JavaScript Combine


Release Date – 2020-01-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ae715fa33b00f92712f2a38fab4a96b16ab6c736

  • Nginx custom url maps and rewrite updates
  • Update JS Comboser compatibility file
  • Compatibility fix with ShortPixel Image Optimizer


Release Date – 2020-01-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2ecc58c5e76959037f4cdb04d389252ac41dd7b4

  • Update general regex to ignore font-family values which are wrapped in single/double quote
  • Do not combine JavaScript and CSS when Elementor elementor-preview


Release Date – 2019-12-30
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6e6538a501f328c9883a2a0e28fba03c41d732a4

  • Revert replacements on GET/POST/REQUET algorithm update
  • Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Premium


Release Date – 2019-12-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e8914ebd3cf3d3b6bcaa94cad6bd08f0f209cfe0

  • Version tag change to 2.x

Release Date – 2019-12-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 46d197981c81228ada545f115cec119e63026b2e

  • Updated Map Urls interface
  • Add help for Map Urls

Release Date – 2019-12-05
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 95363a2d79d3e8089e889727fa6dcbca14b97e9e

  • Ensure the Replacements values are at least 3 char long to avoid issues with erroneously match of other words sentences
  • Removed unused/deprecated get_css_class_replace_exclude method
  • Add filter ‘wph/components/js_combine_code’ to JavaScript Combine class ( WPH_module_general_js_combine )
  • Fix: Plugin options save error notices
  • Woodmart Theme compatibility file
  • WP Smush compatibility file
  • Update Oxygen compatibility file

Release Date – 2019-12-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ae8308254c410d56ae25c86d6e4b9cc37421c117

  • Compatibility update – Oxygen editor

Release Date – 2019-11-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 414417c93aa6883ad17cd3bd5fd7075a748a9b12

  • New skin for plugin admin interfaces
  • Update plugin files structure
  • Add inline help for all options
  • Define WPH_URL on wp-hide-loader.php to allow components to load assets (images) on help interface
  • Updated language PO file
  • Allow single base slug for plugins e.g. all ca use same base as /modules/plugin_name

Release Date – 2019-11-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – b7f82d3f0e1ea258d4fadab9b48f925881cead06

  • Compatibility with Cache Enabler plugin
  • Defer JavaScript assets functionality

Release Date – 2019-10-31
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d1a487b23fd4c6f02122b53e07f1a0029b973ad3

  • Allow HTML Comments clear to run on xml if option set to Yes
  • Fix Elementor template save
  • Run updater for versions prior ‘’ only on admin to ensure cache is being cleared.
  • Update Plugin Updater class for better compatibility
  • New filter ‘wph/components/_init/’
  • Map Custom Urls update, revert mapped to default before create rewrite entry

Release Date – 2019-10-25
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 969781e7892068370b0f9d4cf0c1b81eb729c188

  • Regex Processor with a high speed pattern processing.
  • Simplified Replacements option which replace deprecated CSS ID Replace, CSS Class Replace, JavaScript Variable Replace


Release Date – 2019-10-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – bf522df3078d9f3ef37cfcb45cbfe4e5ed6289a8

  • Do only url replacements on buffers with xml content type headers
  • Check if class exists before init, on custom line inserted in wp-config.php
  • Do not run css/js combine if theme customize interface

Release Date – 2019-10-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1e8c5f9da251e290f1d5bfd83cf722a5834f7b68

  • Clean-up the ‘new_theme_path’ and ‘new_style_file_path’ options before settings save, to avoid duplicate values issues if the option is not being used anymore.
  • Process WooCommerce order_review_fragments when CSS Combine is active
  • Updates through WordPress PAI improvements
  • Allow new wp-login slug without require the php extension
  • New functionality – Exclude specific classes when using global css class replacement, on CSS Class Replace
  • New functionality – Specify partial CSS code block to be excluded from CSS Combine
  • New filter wp-hide/module/general_css_variables_replace/placeholder_ignore_css to allow ignore
  • Improvements for regex pattern on JavaScript Combine and JS classes replacement
  • Fix for generated rewrite on multisite, on block other root files, when allow each site to customize the options.
  • Compatibility fix with WP Portfolio
  • Compatibility fix with JS Composer
  • Compatibility fix with Slider Revolution
  • Compatibility fix with Swift Performance Cache plugin

Release Date – 2019-09-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3f739a6a78cdd788f4adefd499e838813cfe01ff

  • Check if function class is defined before calling parseRequestHeaders()
  • CHeck if attribute ‘message’ exists on doing email message replacements
  • Compatibility while W3Cache JS minify and Css minify
  • Better description for internal cache usage on Setup interface
  • Css Combine – New filter wp-hide/module/general_css_combine/placeholders_process/element_content to allow pre-processing
  • CSS Class regex improvements
  • HTML Classes replacement section update and use regex for processing
  • Preserve IE conditionals when doing JS Combine
  • JS Combine – New filter wp-hide/module/general_js_combine/placeholders_process/element_content to allow pre-processing
  • Use [L] flag instead [END] on wp-content remapped url, to allow fallback on index.php if file not found

Release Date – 2019-09-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d67aba987c223e5e67e5c260cb5e03e62312e512

  • Maintain default WordPress url’s when calling update_post_metadata()
  • Do not process any url replacement if content is an object
  • Catch HTML ID and CLASS tags if they include spaces ( e.g. class = “my-class” )

Release Date – 2019-09-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 560f9e7998a0b6ecd8353c7c5335928c16eaedae

  • Fix: Return correct home path when using own directory for WordPress and hosting account use the same slug in the path.

Release Date – 2019-08-30
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1aaff6f1f7cdfc3ceccee4ccd886ce2c1db8aa2c

  • Compatibility for Plugin WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache
  • Attempt to re-create the rewrite data on plugin activate / de-activate for Apache environments
  • Fix: options save for themes which include a period ( dot ) in folder name


Release Date – 2019-08-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0e05f0b86a3c03033b40d92b918f50303bebb842

  • Fix: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function update_headers()


Release Date – 2019-08-22
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6de48139f4677cfceb4a3c3989c33165a2cc928b

  • Elementor widgets url replacements before being outputted.
  • Overwrite the default WP_Admin_Bar class loading with a custom one with the same name to prevent issues on specific plugins.


Release Date – 2019-08-08
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 255ee24abf210e45e8c0a0a52219b6c48d3bc36f

  • New option to Use mere rewrite for Block Default on default wp-login.php
  • Do Replacements within Location Header, even if the content is empty
  • BackupBuddy download archive fix


Release Date – 2019-07-30
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 5824b69b9cca07e2ab85b453525655d198bbd457

  • Elementor compatibility update
  • Yoast SEO Premium plugin compatibility update
  • Check if base option value e.g. module/app alrady used for another option, to prevent rewrite conflicts
  • Outputs licence status and expiring information if apply.
  • Use own Admin Bar instead to extend the default, to prevent conflicts with specific plugins eg. AAM
  • New filter wph/core/set_server_type, which allows to set a custom server type
  • Prevent cache clear on plugin update, might produce issues if fails to clear the site cache plugin data.
  • New filter ‘wph/components/components_run/ignore_field_id’
  • Improved regex for Html Comments replace, for better compatibility


Release Date – 2019-07-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – fe054e88135655efb90952a4a9eb7078f44025de

  • Append /index.php to confirm url to avoid issues on domains which use redirects
  • Fix: Self Rewrite set-up, use previous options list to ensure the site loads fine, until rewrite changed manually and confirmed.
  • Clear all caches when any plugin option changes
  • Outputs “No” option firs, then “Yes”
  • New CDN module option – Load Cache Files through CDN – When creating Cache files, mainly used when using CSS Combine and JavaScript Cobine, the cache files should be loaded through CDN.
  • New CDN module option – Load assets within Cache Files through CDN – When creating Cache files, mainly used when using CSS Combine and JavaScript Cobine, any assets ( images, fonts) inside cache files should be loaded through CDN.

Release Date – 2019-06-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d7c86c8469a0bb13809b9a91c8d0eb05a7542e43

  • Update new login url for Kinsta servers
  • Yoast SEO Premium sitemap stylesheet url fix
  • Divi compatibility file update
  • Elementor clear cache when settings changed
  • Cache Status interface within Settings, to control the cache options and cache clear
  • WP_Admin_Bar node convert to array if set erroneously as object (Enfold issue)
  • Trigger cache clear on an y update to ensure new data set is being created
  • Ignore file JavaScript Combine fix, check for $element_src variable

Release Date – 2019-06-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6359c3397609da6b54f17eef20afcab1e9ee897b

  • Clear Fusion Builder cache when WP Hide settings changed
  • Ignore Autoptimize css / js processing when WP Hide Css / Jss combine are on
  • Avada process whole content, not just to urls updates
  • WP Fastest Cache process minified assets
  • Check for reserved options value when saving the WP Hide interface
  • New filter wp-hide/interface/process/reserved_values for reserverd options value
  • Search for matches in JSON variables for urls which does not end in a forwardslash
  • Sanitize replacement values for Css Class change
  • Css Combine link regex updates
  • Css Combine inline css regex updates to exclude wrapped noscript
  • Css Combine process CDN files as being locally
  • Css Combine Class regex updates to allow global replacements
  • Css Combine add the first style-sheet higher in header
  • wp-hide/module/general_js_variables_replace/placeholder_ignore_inline_js replaced wp-hide/module/general_js_combine/placeholder_ignore_inline_js
  • JS Combine improved regex to match script tags
  • JS Combine process CDN files as being locally
  • JS Combine use regex to retrieve the script tag content, as using DOMDocument strip specific tags with unsuspected results
  • JS Combine Class regex updates to allow global replacements

Release Date – 2019-05-27
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 83a86b9cb6df7b566022570b8738c2f7c0ef68d5

  • Allow ‘text/csv’ and ‘application/json’ as filterable content
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